Crystal clear: kitchen and bathroom with glass walls organize

Crystal clear: kitchen and bathroom with glass walls organize

Glass is modern, open and individualized. Practical aspects also speak in favor of glass walls or rear walls made of glass in the kitchen and bathroom.

A kitchen splashback made of glass has the advantage that it is a good splash guard, where frying fat or salad oil can be removed easily and without unsightly residue. But even in the bathroom, glass can protect the walls and visually enhance the bathroom. They divide the space between the toilet and bath or shower and protect the walls from water.

Optical aspects of glass walls in kitchen and bathroom

Glass in the home always has a modern aspect and brings a great look. Glass is open and translucent and provides brightness. The various integration options offer attractive effects in living rooms.

Glass can serve as a back wall in the kitchen or bathroom, as a splash guard or as a room divider. In addition, glass also offers a practical benefit: It is resistant and easy to clean - hard-to-remove grease spatters and unpopular limescale spots on tiles no longer exist.

Which glass is suitable for which application?

For a simple splash protection in the kitchen The washbasin is made of ordinary glass that has a thickness of at least four millimeters and is glued to the underside with a foil.

For the back wall of the stove, further features are required: The back of the kitchen must be able to withstand the splashes of hot fat , Plexiglas is therefore very good as it is scratch-resistant and can handle hot splatters with a melting temperature of up to 160 ° C.

Another very cost-intensive option is toughened safety glass (ESG), a laminated safety glass consisting of two layers. After cutting and other operations, the glass is hardened, making it more fracture resistant than normal glass up to five times.

Toughened glass has a high resistance and if it does break, the fragments stay together, which reduces the Risk of injury. This glass is resistant even at high temperatures and can even be glued on a gas stove.

Always think about safety with glass

It should be remembered that glass can not be installed in arbitrarily large parts in the home without stabilization is ensured. Very much depends also on the installed material. The standard series for glass construction (DIN 18008 "Glass in construction - design and construction rules") specifies exactly how thick and stable the glass must be.

If the glass wall is carefully planned with an architect and if she meets the requirements for her Field of application, it is a visual and practical enhancement for the living space.

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