Creating a balcony - the best tips

Creating a balcony - the best tips

Finally, the balcony can be used properly again. Useful tips will suggest how to make the space practical and pretty.

The basis for a cozy balcony is a beautiful floor

Most balconies have a stone floor that is cold and sometimes unsightly. With a weather-resistant surface made of artificial turf, freshness, warmth and coziness are created. Particularly practical are flexible tile grids made of wood. These can be taken away with a move and redesign and expanded in the new apartment.

Tips for practical and comfortable furniture

Practical and comfortable balcony furniture is required for eating, working and playing. A round table requires less space and a folding table is easy to attach to the parapet. Rattan or wood folding chairs are comfortable and decorative, but they need to be dried in bad weather.

Making plants a successful decoration

In order to keep the plants healthy and handsome, they must meet their needs for northern, East, west or south position can be selected. If the balcony surface measures a few square meters, space-saving climbing and hanging plants such as Clematis, Morning Glory, Wicken, Männertreu and Geranien are good tips. An unusual balcony design is created with a mini pond in which water lilies unfold and a small fountain splashes.

Ornamental flower pots save space

Tall flower pots made of clay, terracotta, and sheet metal as well as flower stairs require little space and beautify unused or ugly corners , Instead of the typical balcony plants, even a fragrant herb garden can decorate the leisure area. If there is no possibility to place pots on the edge, there are special designs that can be put on the parapet.

A Privacy Screen Protector

A magically natural privacy screen can be designed with climbing plants running along a device Climb wood or wrought iron. Red flowering runner beans, wild wine, intrerassante clematis, black girl's eye are useful tips not only for small balconies. Plant muffles hang light cloths for a privacy screen, which can be spread out as required.

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