Creating a Living Room Office - Five Unobtrusive Ideas

Creating a Living Room Office - Five Unobtrusive Ideas

A small office in the living room is handy. Thus, the tax or the everyday paperwork can be processed and archived in peace.

A room divider is practical

A wooden room divider optimally divides living space and office space. Especially suitable is beech or oak. This creates stability and looks classy. Room dividers are easy to build by yourself. You will need some boards and nails, which you can buy in every hardware store and shop. So it can be ideally adapted and is inexpensive. In the newly created study, the table, chair and a small trolley have enough space for documents and folders.

A wall system

A wall cabinet in the living room can be the perfect solution for the office. Opened, the wall cabinet doors serve as a storage for documents and a laptop - just put a matching chair in front of it and there is already a small workstation available. After use, the cabinet is simply closed and is no longer recognizable as an office. Folder and a laptop have enough space in a wall cabinet. A particular advantage is when WLAN is available and no unnecessary cables are needed for the laptop.

In the built-in wardrobe an office in the living room

If many folders and office supplies need to be stowed, then a built-in wardrobe in the living room as small study. A work surface must be optimally placed in the cabinet. The height has to be right, so you can easily sit in front of it with a chair. Also, the shelf used should be stable to carry the documents, folders and a laptop or PC. After use, the chair is pulled aside and the cabinet is easily closed. Practical would be a chair variant that folds up and also fits in the built-in cupboard.

A swiveling desk provides space

A swiveling desk can be a useful piece of furniture in the living room. If it is not needed, it is simply turned. Now it has the shape of a normal sideboard. For use, it is turned back and a desk including some storage compartments comes to light. This model can easily be recreated, but already exists on the market. Here, the storage area including printer and documents remains on a shelf board and the desk can be driven over it with a 90-degree turn. The only thing left is the outer cabinet, which resembles a sideboard.

A sliding system is the optimal solution

The most optimal solution is to use a sliding system to create an office in the living room. For this, sliding doors are ideal. They can be adapted in color to the existing living room furniture and look trendy and modern. If the sliding device is closed, the room is large and is not filled by a large cabinet. A practical solution is to have a worktop, a cabinet for folders, and some hanging shelves where everything can be stowed around the office.

Domestic study at the tax office

For an office to be tax deductible in the living room, there must be some Meet criteria: It must not be a passage space, but a closed area. The office area may not be used for other purposes, for example as a guest room. If there is still an external office, the office area can not be claimed at home. This must be at least 90 percent used as an office. Room dividers, curtains or sliding systems are not considered a legitimate separation.

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