Designing Slopes - Five Creative Ideas

Designing Slopes - Five Creative Ideas

Sloping ceilings offer many possibilities for a creative design. With colors, pictures and much more, the bevel turns into a real eye-catcher.

Show your colors

An attic room can be transformed into a visual highlight with colors. This is especially good when the roof pitches are symmetrical, starting at the bottom and ending in the gable. A nice idea for the interior design of such a triangular room is to paint the upper half of the roof slopes in a different tone than the lower one.

The two colors should harmonize well with each other. The upper tone is best a lighter version of the lower one. This makes the room look bigger. White or cream elements relax the whole. White is suitable, for example, for the window niches and the ceiling beams.

Pictures on sloping walls

How to hang a picture on a sloping roof? There are different ways. On the one hand, posters can be used with Tesa poster strips, which also hold on sloping roofs. Pictures in light frames may work with Tesa Powerstrips.

Otherwise you can use rails that are mounted to the slopes. In this one pushes now pictures in simple glass frames. Also on the rise are wall tattoos. These have the advantage that they hold on any wall - whether straight or oblique. For example, the bevel can be decorated with ornaments, sayings, floral and much more.

Storage space under the sloping ceilings

The space should be used optimally in an attic apartment. Especially when the slopes are far down, it looks bad with shelves and cabinets. With flat shelves or sideboards, the space under the sloping ceilings can be optimally used as storage space. In fact, this place is otherwise not suitable for deep slopes.

Under the roof windows, the interior design can be lightened up with plants. A television may also be placed on a sideboard under the slanted area.

Designing the front sides

Sloping roofs not only reduce the wall space directly underneath, but also that of the adjacent end faces. Nevertheless, this space can be optimally used as storage space. With step racks you can adapt to the bevels.

If the slants are in the kitchen, different sized wall cabinets can be used that follow the course of the slope. The farther you get to the wall, the smaller the cupboards or compartments are, until there is only a small amount of storage space left on a simple board.

Comfortable corners in dormers

Dormers offer special design options. For example, a small upholstered bench can be placed across the width of the dormer. Cushioned, invites you to read comfortably directly in the skylight. You can make the side of the dormer as a backrest. This creates a cozy area full of light.

A dormer also offers space for a narrow table. Depending on the width of the dormer, you can set up the computer space here, for example. The table should not be higher than the window.

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