Creating a pitched roof - making little use of space

Creating a pitched roof - making little use of space

When designing living space under the roof, the sloping roofs must be used efficiently. Anyone who succeeds in this does not give away any space.

Interior design of sloping ceilings

When designing an attic apartment, it is important to consider the sloping roof as a friend. A low knee-stick is a chance to use seemingly useless space. High sloping walls provide decoration that a room with straight walls can never have. It is therefore important to approach the interior of the room with a positive basic attitude.

For oblique walls, one has to think three-dimensionally, that is the basic requirement when designing. Living ideas for normal rooms use little. Incidentally, it should be determined before the renovation, where which furniture stand. So the wall paint or the wallpaper can be selected better.

In general: surfaces with standing height are precious. There is room to move here. It makes no sense to furnish this room with furniture. The question is whether a tall cabinet is needed. Often this is superfluous. Low drawer cabinets use the room in areas that are not suitable for standing.

When placing each piece of furniture, you need to look up. Can you sit in bed? Do you bump your head when you get up from the sofa? Such questions need to be taken into account.

Designing the room with colors

The biggest mistake when designing rooms with sloping ceilings is to hide them visually. The rooms win when the slopes are painted in bold colors. Here contrasts are announced. But in order for the room to be bright, you should always paint window niches in white.

Otherwise it is important to play with the slants. Over the bed they become the bed-head. This may also be taken literally and a photo wallpaper with a picture of the sky can be attached. Particularly angled rooms gain in color when delineated.

Even small angles use

The space under a low sloping slope can be an ideal seating and cozy corner. Instead of an armchair or a couch, a large beanbag provides comfort. A mountain of small pillows on a thick rug also provides comfortable seating. Together with a low table even creates a dining area in the "Japanese style". With creativity and courage to unusual solutions no corner of the room remains unused

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