Craftsman Emergency Services: Quick Assistance also between Christmas and New Year

Craftsman Emergency Services: Quick Assistance also between Christmas and New Year

Many craft businesses help quickly in an emergency and uncomplicated from the clamp - even on weekends and public holidays!

Defective heating systems, broken water pipes, cracked windows and other unsightly "messing" unfortunately do not stop before Christmas and New Year. Especially in urgent cases, when hurry is required, often only the call helps with a craftsmen emergency service. The experts of MyHammer explain how consumers can quickly find help in the event of an emergency, what to look for when commissioning the tradesman, and what costs they have to expect. The fear of sitting in the cold and the dark over the holidays to have is usually unfounded. Despite high capacity utilization and full order books, emergency services are given priority by the companies concerned and are usually carried out as quickly as possible in order to prevent major damage.

Not alone in need

Experts advise not indiscriminately when looking for fast help to contact the first company from the business directory. For example, if you want to avoid unnecessary annoyance due to excessive travel costs, you should make sure that the provider is a resident craftsman. For homeowners with heating damage, for example, it may be the cheapest option to first contact the company responsible for the annual maintenance of the facility.

Local emergency services and emergency telephone numbers can also provide regional information Guilds affected households. In addition, there are associations of electrical and sanitary companies in some municipalities that have organized a joint emergency service and can be reached around the clock via central emergency services numbers. In many tenements, there is also a list of craftsmen who already work for the property management or enjoy the corresponding trust.

Other possibilities for emergencies are provided by artisan portals such as MyHammer. Here, consumers not only get the contact details and information on contacts from local specialist companies, but can also get a quick picture of how the companies work by using the references and assessments of other customers.

Clarify the costs in advance

Who provides the emergency service in Germany? Must be aware that the bill is higher. After all, it is not a normal repair order. For example, evening, night and weekend surcharges outside normal business hours are common practice. On bank holidays, up to 200 per cent can be topped up on the usual craftsman's hour of around 45 to 60 euros.

It is therefore important to clarify the costs in advance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. What is the hourly rate of the craftsman and what surcharges or packages are charged? How much is calculated for the journey and has to be paid for tool maintenance? Tip: In the final billing, labor and travel costs as well as cost of materials and sales tax should be detailed and shown separately.

What do you do as a tenant?

The awarding of repair orders is usually the responsibility of the landlord or administrator. Anyone who prematurely alerts the emergency service in case of minor damage must pay the costs out of their own pocket. In emergencies, on the other hand, there is often a shortage of time to contact the property manager or landlord, or the accessibility fails.

If, for example, the heating fails and there is a risk of acute damage to the home or to your own health, this is an emergency Immediate action is offered and the renter entitled to call the emergency service. The necessary costs for the use of the craftsmen are to be reimbursed by the landlord.

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