Country Kitchens: In the City and in the Country

Country Kitchens: In the City and in the Country

Whether from nostalgia and need for stability or thanks to their spaciousness and functionality: Country kitchens are back in.

Silence, clean air, wide cultivated natural spaces and in the midst of this idyll - the human being: this is how the country faces the noise and dynamism of the city. Rustic life provides a sense of stability and is also reflected in the cosiness of the furnishings: rustic and spacious furniture, soft pastel tones and natural materials characterize rural living.

Gentle tones

The rural kitchen is characterized by its softness Shades of color, it lacks in it the harsh contrasts. In pure white and delicate pastel shades, such as cream or olive green, walls, furniture and kitchen tiles are presented - often decorated with floral patterns. Or the warm brown of a terracotta floor pleases the eye in combination with whitewashed walls. The kitchen always looks bright and friendly.

Rustic & spacious

The furniture in a country house kitchen is designed to be stable, and it should last for a long time. And they have to be spacious, because there is a lot to store and sometimes for many to cook. A large solid wood buffet cabinet offers plenty of space for crockery and cutlery. Supplies can travel in closets. Large-surface worktops make even larger cooking operations stress-free, and bulky items are easier to wash in large sinks.


The country-house style likes to use natural materials that look their origins: Floors, terra cotta or stone floor slabs are suitable as floor coverings. The furniture can only be partially dyed or completely without color: The reddish grain of the cherry looks warm and comfortable and the youthful light color of the oak is fresh and lively.


In addition to the service, the kitchen can also be turned into a country house Decorate beautifully with seasonal, for example, with different flowers in spring and summer and with ornamental pumpkins in autumn. Animal figures made of porcelain or wood find a good place in the buffet or on the windowsill. And delicate kitchen towels with nature motifs contribute to the harmonious overall picture. So the natural appearance of the kitchen extends to the finest detail.

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