Construction supervisors protect against defects

Construction supervisors protect against defects

Craftsmen make mistakes. And home builders are rarely experts. Professional construction supervisors provide the greatest possible safety during construction and refurbishment.

On a private construction site, faults are the rule rather than the exception - be it the insufficiently sealed patio door, the lack of balcony drainage, the damp wall with mold or the imperfect roof insulation. And this improper work can cost a builder dearly. Alone, the appraisals to determine clear defects usually cost four-digit sums. And no less do handicraft companies demand the elimination of construction errors such as the retrospectively attached rain gutter of the balcony.

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Architects, craftsmen - and then also construction attendants?

To avoid these additional costs and the time required to do so, experts and especially state certified energy consultants as certified construction supervisors. Their performance is technically correct Construction quality monitoring, in short BQÜ. And no home builder should give it up. Because:

construction supervisors act as independent "referees" who see the individual craft companies on their fingertips. And they not only reveal obvious construction defects right from the start: they also compare the offers of the craftsmen in advance and give the building owner important decision-making aids in the awarding of contracts. In addition, they use their expertise to coordinate the individual trades and thereby help to save time and money.

Construction supervisors are quality-conscious

No fear of cost traps: the fees for construction supervisors are uniform across Germany. They are 72 euros per hour including VAT. As a rule, it is sufficient for the construction supervisor to visit the construction site about six to ten times and to bill for about two to three hours each for access and construction. From planning to acceptance, the average per house building costs about 2,000 to 2,500 euros. According to a rule of thumb, the client has to calculate about 9 percent of the total construction costs for the accompanying quality assurance. Deficiencies are usually much more expensive.

Funded by the KfW

The state does not let the builders stand in the rain: The federally-owned KfW banking group shoots considerable funds to ensure quality. It supports construction work with 50 percent of the costs up to a maximum value of 4,000 euros. The use of a construction guide is worthwhile in no way only for new buildings: Even with a simple energetic renovation of the heating system with KfW subsidy makes the use of the expert paid. Because often the smallest deficiencies suffice to jeopardize the energy-saving goals and thus the promotion.

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