Construction of a wooden terrace: Which types of wood are the best?

Construction of a wooden terrace: Which types of wood are the best?

Building extensions such as a wooden terrace make a house more liveable. The additional space can be used for common activities and invites you to relax.

If you want to build a wooden terrace, you should be a little familiar with the types of wood that are suitable for installation. The choice of timber determines the cost and determines the duration and quality of the building.

Basic Properties

Timbers differ in fiber length, density and growth. These factors determine the load-bearing capacity and durability of the material. Since wood is a living building material, it continues to change after felling the trees. The drying of the wood affects the density, the sunlight changes the color, organisms such as fungi can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the material and its service life. Good terrace wood should therefore have the following properties:

  • High durability in class 1-3 according to EN 350/2
  • Good dimensional stability with low swelling and shrinkage
  • High level of autologous fat prevents splinters and slates
  • A slow and gentle drying to about 15 percent wood moisture

The durability ensures that the wood is also durable in an area that is exposed to different weather conditions. The dimensional stability ensures that the wood works only slightly. A high intrinsic fat content makes the material less brittle and makes it less likely to splinter. So the terrace can be enjoyed barefoot in summer. The processing of the boards determines the utility value of the terrace. In the meantime, mainly planks with a profiled surface are used, on which the moisture can run better and offer enough grip even in the wet. Roughly speaking: the better the wood quality, the higher the price, whereby the origin of the wood also plays a role.

Popular terrace wood

The following types of wood are particularly popular as terrace wood:

  • Larch: The relatively inexpensive wood is valued as terrace wood. Thanks to its high density and hardness, it has a very good strength. It is tough and has only a low swelling and shrinkage behavior. The heartwood is particularly weather-resistant and has a longevity comparable to that of oakwood.
  • Massaranduba: The wood from the Caribbean is in vogue. The heavy and hard wood is popular because of its beautiful reddish-brown color. With its features, it surpasses most native woods by far. It has the resistance class 1 and convinces with a shelf life of up to 30 years. Its high density, however, requires the use of suitable tools, which usually only a professional craftsman has.
  • Cumaru: This wood is extremely hard and durable. Its yellow to red-brown color provides a pleasant look. The wood is particularly suitable because it hardly bleeds and has a low swelling and shrinkage behavior. Similar to Massaranduba, it is processed smoothly to ensure that its glossy finish gives it a refined look.
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When choosing the right terrace wood, durability, resilience and appearance play an important role. In addition to the traditionally popular softwood Douglas fir and larch, exotic woods such as Massaranduba and Cumaru are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Especially their attractive appearance and the glossy surfaces make them real trend woods. The examination of the wood quality and the processing of particularly hard woods require absolutely sound expertise. If you want to build a wooden terrace, you are well advised with a professional. He can check the wood quality and decide which wood is suitable for the construction of your terrace. His advice is also valuable in matters of wood preservation and care.

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