Connecting or installing the oven and hob

Connecting or installing the oven and hob

The stove is the most important appliance in the kitchen and is often used accordingly. Therefore, the purchase of a new kitchen stove should be well planned in advance, so that it will meet your expectations.

The classic built-in electric cooker consists of a combination of hob and oven. A modern cooker also allows separate locations of both components. The oven is now conveniently located at a comfortable working height, so you do not have to bend down to push food in or out. Even with the hobs, there are different systems to choose from. The best known is the hob with three or four hobs. In addition, there is the modern glass ceramic cooktop and the energy-efficient induction cooker. In addition to different hobs, you also have the choice between an electrically operated stove and a gas stove. In some kitchens there is also a nostalgic kitchen stove with wood firing. This stove must be connected to the fireplace like a stove. A specialist will be pleased to advise you on the design and function of the individual stove systems.

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Electric stove, induction stove or gas stove can be connected by a specialist

When planning a new kitchen, it may be necessary to move the stove connection. Especially with separate systems, the electrician must connect both the oven and the associated hob. With a knowledgeable electrician at your side, planning and implementation is no problem. The conversion of the stove from electricity to gas is done for a savvy professional in a jiffy. From the preparation and laying of the cables to connect to the gas stove you get everything first hand. Oh with electricity is: Only electricians may connect your electric stove, because the proper use of electrical power requires a high level of expertise.

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