Concrete out - Idyll in

Concrete out - Idyll in

The backyard of Jürgen K. in Magdeburg is surrounded by charming houses.

In the middle Unfortunately, this idyllic place did not really stand out from gray and broken concrete ceilings and pavement slabs. Moss and weeds in the joints were the only green spots.

The company BGM-Magdeburg was commissioned by MyHammer to clear the 170 square meters large area of ​​concrete and debris, expand and re-lay rainwater shafts, and re-pave grass saw and much more - a lot of work, for which there was great praise: "The company has worked quickly and reliably, according to the agreements. In case of unforeseen problems was reacted quickly and professionally. Can recommend the company without hesitation. "
Within two weeks, BGM-Magdeburg has transformed the previously neglected inner courtyard into a charming gem - an idyllic place that invites you to linger in the neighborhood - even if the lawn still has to grow a bit.

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