Building a concrete balcony - but how?

Building a concrete balcony - but how?

A balcony made of concrete can also be added later to build a house. But only in cooperation with the right professionals.

1. Legal side - approval requirement for balcony construction

Balcony annexes are subject to approval, since they change the development image. Therefore, the construction project leads the builder first to the community. In the building authority, he inquired about the permissibility before building. If he does not grow, but the balcony in the same breath with the house construction abuts, he has to imagine here anyway. This can be done by phone first. Later, he has to submit the completed and statically tested blueprint to the Office.

2. Planning page - Columns or Isokorb for the balcony?

A layman should not design balcony constructions on their own, but to work together with a professional. Laypeople are not allowed to enter the building. But this requires the building office. The costs for the eligible planner or architect amount to about ten percent of the building value.

During the cooperation with the construction planner, the client mainly makes the decision between column and iso-construction. Balconies are usually anchored in an upper storey ceiling. In the first case, concrete pillars of the floor slab help to carry the extension. On the other hand, baskets allow free installation, as they are inserted into the ceiling via drilled holes. Whether both variants are theoretically possible is decided by a specialist.

3. Static side - Load capacity test

The building contractor must examine the condition of the load-bearing floor slab. A structural engineer takes over this task. Only he knows enough about the nature of the requirements to ensure the load capacity. Also the balcony railing has to be statically calculated by the professional.

For price classification: The static assessment and planning of a single-family house costs about 2000 Euro. If you pick up the structural engineer just because of the balcony, you have to expect a few hundred euros.

4. Foundation side - step for do-it-yourself

In cooperation with structural engineers and construction planners, the client decided on a type of balcony. Since a balcony made of concrete is extremely heavy, this decision is usually forced on pillar constructions. In such a pillar stands on a concrete foundation. This can be stripe or dot foundation. The builder can take this step according to the foundation plan.

To build the foundations, he needs a shovel, spade, wheelbarrow, construction bucket, concrete mixer, ruler, spirit level and string, as well as a leveling bar. As materials he needs gravel for the cleanliness layer, steel reinforcement according to foundation plan, concrete, water and a foil. About the exact procedure, he inquires of the professionals.

5. Gießen - Eigenregie or Fertigbalkon?

Like the foundation, the balcony body can also be partly cast by the client, as long as he owns the materials mentioned above. But beware: Often the purchase of a finished concrete body is the better option. Straight balconies are available as precast concrete forms, which are already provided with railing, formwork and slope for the rain run.

In order to cast a concrete balcony and pour exactly, the handyman may need a mold, which he oiled to the object to be able to dissolve out. This effort is rarely worthwhile. Whether casting on its own is possible at all is an open question.

6. Assembly - having professionals build

In order to attach the finished cast parts to the floor slab, it may be necessary to rebuild. Such should be realized exclusively by the construction company. With installation a finished balcony costs about 3000 euros. Reconstruction cost usually extra, so the builder has to reckon well with 4000 €.

7. Design - Plexiglas variants

5000 euros, the balcony cultivation cost slightly. The do-it-yourselfer can take the last step on his own: the design. Often, glass construction is an option in this regard, as it provides visual, wind and weather protection. Plexiglas elements can be mounted on the new balcony and set in scene to upgrade the concrete piece visually and functionally.

extension balcony instead of concrete rather of wood or steel

Unlike cheaper balcony constructions as wood or steel kit, overwhelmed Concrete balcony the handyman. Therefore, always consult experts.

To grow a balcony: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in the price radar around the topic of growing balconies.

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