Comfortable shading with smart sun protection

Comfortable shading with smart sun protection

From time-controlled automatic roller blinds to energy self-sufficient photovoltaic blinds a variety of smart sun protection versions.

There are many different types of blinds both indoors and outdoors. They serve as heat and sun protection and protect against prying eyes. Sturdy models made of sturdy plastic also protect burglars.

Smarter sun protection at a glance

Many blinds and roller blinds function with the help of an electric control. The widely used sunscreen models are easily and precisely regulated via a switch. There is a distinction between manual, electronic, sensor and radio-operated variants.

Compared to electric blinds, self-powered automatic roller blinds have the advantage that they do not require an external power supply. They work via photovoltaic technology by converting light energy directly into electrical energy. The laying of power supply lines is eliminated.

Depending on the provider, there are different models of photovoltaic-operated blinds. Very practical are variants in which the lamellae are integrated between the panes. As a result, they are protected from dust and do not rattle in the wind. In addition to individual roller blinds, there are combinations for the entire room, which can be operated together via a remote control.

Many roller blinds are equipped with automatic day and night detection. They open according to the position of the sun and drive down independently in the evening. Via a coupled temperature monitoring it is possible to set the sun protection according to the temperature. The function prevents overheating of the room in high solar radiation and protects in the winter from cold.

In addition to a remote control on newer models, the control of a tablet or smartphone is possible. If required, the light shield can be opened or closed independently on the move.

Function and advantages of smart sun protection systems

Solar-controlled blinds and roller blinds function with the aid of photovoltaic modules. They are independent of the weather and external power sources. The integrated photovoltaic modules are located on the louvre blinds on the lamella. They are responsible for the energy production and store it in a rechargeable battery.

A big advantage of the photovoltaic modules is the self-sufficient functioning. This eliminates supply lines and switches in the immediate vicinity of the windows. This simplifies the installation of new roller blinds and blinds. Retrofitting is possible in the wall without great installation effort and without caulking.

The direct use of light energy in self-sufficient sun protection systems means no energy costs. Further advantages of photovoltaic driven models are the noiseless operation and the low maintenance. The lifetime of the modules is on average 20 years.

The automatic systems impress with their flexible operation. Even when you're on the move, you can use the blinds at home. For older people, the electric drive brings relief in everyday life. The effort required for hard-to-use straps for a manually operated roller blind is eliminated.

There are various options for retrofitting manually operated roller shutters. The installation of an electric belt winder is the simplest variant. More expensive and elaborate is the equipment with a tubular motor. In addition to the required electric cable, the straps must be replaced by a pull system.

Photovoltaic systems convince with their simple installation

Disadvantages such as relatively high initial costs are negligible given the numerous advantages of the smart sun protection models. Innovative photovoltaic powered systems convince by their ease of use and by the low installation costs. This makes them a good choice not only in new buildings but also in refurbishments.

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