Comfort and safety from the wall - Modern switches and boxes

Comfort and safety from the wall - Modern switches and boxes

Those who renew the electrical installation should opt for modern switches and sockets. These offer extra comfort through additional features.

Beautiful design and new materials

The conventional plastic sockets and switches are functional, but not a highlight of the design. Modern switch ranges have a lot to offer visually: in addition to colored plastics, glass and stainless steel are used. The visible elements of the electrical installation are real eye-catchers - they fit in harmoniously with the overall picture of the room.

Typical is the wide range of functions: From the home station, through which the front door can be opened, after the guest has been greeted in words and pictures, Everything is available in a uniform design right up to the roller shutter control. Telephone sockets, motion detectors and even the radio can be optically integrated into the system. Smart Home is the generic term for a range of innovative technologies for networking all electronic devices in the home environment.

Great comfort and safety

Some of the features have been known for a long time but have not usually been integrated into switches or outlets. Child safety devices and overvoltage filters fulfill important protection functions.

Instead of conventional changeover switches, via which light can be operated by two switches, push buttons protrude. These give a pulse to a control unit. It is also possible to operate the light or ventilation from many places in the house.

So-called intelligent living systems go one step further. Switches and sockets are part of computer-controlled systems. Sensors and control units sit flush with the switch and distributed in the room. Many functions can also be controlled via the smartphone.

Sensors detect the brightness and lower the roller shutters when the sun is shining or when it gets dark outside. The heating will turn on automatically when it gets cold. For this comfort a networking of the house is necessary. Smoke detectors, baby monitors and alarm systems complement the systems.

Modern living system

The systems can usually be easily retrofitted and expanded. Deutsche Telekom offers the Smart Home system: The base station for controlling the system costs about 200 euros, depending on the desired scope additional packages for several hundred euros are needed.

RWE Smart Home works similarly. A specialist company is not always required for installation. The individual components are connected via wireless (WLAN), so the subsequent installation is easy.

Belkin goes with WeMo another way: A control unit is not necessary. The devices are connected via sockets or directly to the Internet. The taxes are controlled by a smartphone. The advantage is that an entry from 50 euros is possible. In addition, the system can be adapted to personal needs. The well-known manufacturer of switches and sockets Gira offers a similar system at comparable costs.

Digital power links the elements of the system through the house's mains. A basic package costs about 1,200 euros; for installation, a specialist company is necessary, for which 500 Euro are to be estimated. The system is extensive and inexpensive to expand. It does not burden with radio waves.

More than a comfort gain

At first glance, the increase in comfort is impressive: many processes in the house run automatically. No one has to get up to open or close shutters. You can sit on the sofa and see if, for example, the basement light has been switched off.

Familiarize yourself with the matter and quickly recognize the advantages of this technology. Optimal control makes it possible to save energy as heating, ventilation and shading are adapted to the weather conditions. Furthermore, the technology makes it possible to activate an alarm system or to operate the heating from anywhere in the world. Anyone who tests the benefits once would not want to do without it.

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