Colored adhesive strips for joints

Colored adhesive strips for joints

The times when there was only the bright white and a tired gray between the joints are a thing of the past. Today these interspaces between the tiles can also be made more colorful and individual.

Joints in the matching colors to the tiles are a special extra that you can be sure will catch your eye. There are many possibilities here: choose the joint in the contrasting color to the tile, the same color a little bit darker or simply in brilliant white. No matter if you build new or renovate the bathroom - if you have considered a color concept, your design options are almost endless.

Fugue colorful with Fugenbunt

You can remove the entire fugue, then back with so-called Fugenbunt too to fill. Here you really have to work very carefully, because otherwise splashes of paint on the tiles can interfere with the overall look. Be sure to tap the edges clean. Also Fugenbunt sometimes binds very fast, so prepare the right amount for processing. Even silicone is now available in all conceivable colors.

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We answer these and many other questions on our theme page about working with tiles!

Children's play with adhesive strips

The easiest way to get colorful joints is to use colored adhesive strips. These are available in all colors of the rainbow and they are relatively easy to install and exchange. Of course you need an adhesive tape in the correct width. And there can be problems. Joint strips are only available in a limited range of dimensions. Mostly between 4 and 7 millimeters. If you have joints of other sizes because you prefer an exceptional look, then it is difficult to color them with adhesive tape. The rolls of grout strips are usually around 50 meters long. The larger your tile, the less tape per square meter you will need.

Simply press the strip into the joint between the tiles and wipe it with a cloth to press it down. It can be damp cleaned and wiped. Should the glue become unsightly, simply replace it.

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