Color choice for the apartment - Tips for small rooms

Color choice for the apartment - Tips for small rooms

A small apartment and coziness do not fit together? Of course. With the right choice of color, small rooms look much bigger.

The apartment with the right choice of colors visually enlarge

If you only have a small apartment, you do not necessarily have to live in a cramped environment. Although in small rooms every square meter counts. But an optimal color choice, color-coordinated, functional furniture as well as a clear layout make even the smallest apartment a place to feel good.

Living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms appear with a light wall color significantly more spacious. Even though the floor coverings are kept bright - maybe a shade darker or brighter than the walls are - this effect is exacerbated. To give the rooms the finishing touch, radiators can be painted in the wall paint. For example, a beige radiator almost completely disappears visually in front of a beige wall and the rooms are much more generous.

Tiny rooms with colors and wallpapers

If you want to visually expand your small apartment, you should generally choose a monochrome wall painting , However, if a room is to fulfill two functions, such as eating and living, a different choice of colors helps to achieve a clearer visual division. Again, a uniform color scheme of two basic tones, such as a bright blue or light green deceive the eye. Small rooms are particularly large when the color choice falls on cool blue tones.

For wallpapers, small patterns should rather be used. The more restless and larger the wallpaper pattern is, the smaller the room looks. If you do not want to do without large patterns, you can only attach single tracks on single-colored walls.

Stretch ceilings and corridors

Covered or dark trendy colors can be used to stretch a blanket for the eye, too. This is especially true for old buildings with high ceilings. Although a muted paint makes the ceiling lower, but for the space continue to appear. Who still strokes the upper wall strip in the same color as the ceiling - so the ceiling painting performs corner - achieves an even better result. Conversely, low ceilings will look much higher if you choose darker wall colors. The upper edge of the wall is lengthened with the brighter ceiling color, which further expands the space.

The hallway is the calling card of any home, but usually very long, narrow or narrow. But even here, there is a very simple trick in the color choice: To mitigate the hose impression, the long course pages are simply painted in a lighter shade than the shorter ones. In addition, space is created by painting the hall door in one of the two shades.

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