Clearance of two garden fields

Clearance of two garden fields

The times when Gerard L. from Greven It was long past in North Rhine-Westphalia to use its two garden fields as fields.

Where once potatoes and beans were harvested, wild growth had long since gained the upper hand. At the very most time let a MyHammer professional, remove the herbaceous growth and remove the green waste. The most lucrative offer was made by MyHammer gardener Walter Stüwe, who has already collected over 50 positive reviews with his company WS-Gartenbau. And the pictures show why.

Anyone who sees the Before pictures can imagine that garden visits by Gerard L. were rather short until then.

The MyHammer client was all the happier with his new, old garden and the work of the gardener: "Simply great, TOP performance including extra tips and additional services. Also we write at this point, "GET AGAIN."

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