Cleaning the wooden terrace - the biggest mistakes

Cleaning the wooden terrace - the biggest mistakes

A wooden terrace is chic and cozy. To keep it that way for a long time, you need to clean and maintain it properly.

Think About Treating the Wooden Deck

It's important to remember to regularly clean the decking. In any case, the first appointment should take place immediately after the installation. The wood must be completely dry at the beginning of the care campaign.

Some days are simply not suitable for cleaning terraces

It is wrong to try cleaning on a damp and frosty day with inferior products. The best is a dry spring day, at the beginning of the terrace season.

A high pressure washer is not always advisable

If the wooden deck is made of a hard material, careful cleaning with a good pressure washer is not a problem. However, only a surface cleaner with a brush may be used and never the tiller. Anger can occur when the wood is soft, roughened by the machine and thus loses its natural protection.

The use of inferior care products

A wooden terrace is subject to the weather conditions of the year, and as a result, its appearance changes over time , So that the durability lasts long and the attractive appearance is maintained, may only a quality care product to the material. These products with depth effect preserve the elasticity and the original color of the wood.

The correct removal of the grayish

Naturally, the wooden terrace gets a gray haze with time. For the removal of this patina, the trade offers numerous products, but often based on toxins. These should be avoided. Instead, an environmentally friendly, manual cleaning with a brush or a fine sanding device is preferable.

False terraced oils damage the teak

Teak contains rubber and various oils. This makes it robust and one of the most popular patio timbers. To maintain the beauty of the material, care must be provided only by means specially designed for this type of wood.

The most expensive care products do not have to be the best.

Naturally, over time, green planks appear on some wooden terraces , Inexpensive and thorough cleaning succeeds with a solution of washing soda and water. This is applied to the planks and rubbed off thoroughly with a brush after the exposure time.

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