Cleaning the gutter - you should pay attention to this

Cleaning the gutter - you should pay attention to this

A lot of dirt is deposited in gutters. A homeowner can not help himself to cleaning. But with the right tips, that's done quickly.

Cleaning the gutters - notes

The cleaning of rain gutters is a legal requirement for homeowners. Only in this way can it be ensured that rainwater runs off and there is no risk of flooding. A poorly cleaned gutter leads to damage to the facade and, in the worst case, the flooding of residential buildings. Therefore, it says: Rauf on the ladder and ran to clean. Note the following points:

  • Use old hand brushes to sweep leaves out.
  • Do not put debris in the down pipe.
  • Fasten ladder well.
  • Keep hands and shoes in danger of slipping.
  • Periodically clean, then the gutter does not clog up.
  • Do not just clean in the fall.

Tips for gutter cleaning - Plastic bottle and leaf protection

The gutter cleaning consists on the one hand of the removal of coarse dirt. The second step is followed by a rinse, which dissolves small dirt deposits. A few tips will help to clean the gutter as quickly and easily as possible. For this, the homeowner may, for example, use a sieve and a plastic bottle for this purpose.

  • Attach the sieve to the downpipe, prevent blockages.
  • Cut the plastic bottle in half, punch the lower half and use it as a scoop for the gutter.
  • To protect the gutter Do not sweep the façade too close to the wall.
  • Then rinse the gutter with the garden hose or high-pressure cleaner. Keep the sieve firmly on the downpipe.
  • When flushing, do not work on the façade.
  • After cleaning, rinse the downpipe with a high-pressure cleaner. This prevents clogging.
  • Facilitate future gutter cleaning on the gutter.
  • With the grille installed, remove coarse dirt by hand, remove the grille, rinse off the floor, and re-attach.

Clogged downpipe - this is to be done

If leaves or dirt have clogged the downpipe of rain gutters, then the cleaning becomes more complicated.

  • Open the downpipe drain just above the floor.
  • Insert the pipe cleaning spiral from above as straight as possible into the pipe so that it will not be damaged.
  • Spiral at the Turn in.
  • Insert to the lower end of the downpipe. Only in this way does the dissolved dirt reach the sewage system.
  • Rinse thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner to prevent repeated blockage.

When cleaning the gutter, do not forget the downpipe

When cleaning the gutter, the downpipe should always be the center of attention.

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