Clean up your home with home remedies

Clean up your home with home remedies

Away with home chemistry : Anyone who wants to have radiantly clean rooms can make themselves healthier with traditional home remedies and even cheaper.

House cleaning with traditional home remedies

Cleaning cabinets in modern households are often filled to bursting with cleaning agents. There are toilet cleaners, oven sprays, special cleaner for stove tops, specific floor care products and much more on a chemical basis.

But what does the housewife actually need? Was the house cleaning much more exhausting in the past or are the old tricks still up to date?

The ingredients for the cleaning agents can be easily and cheaply procured. For example, one pound of soda as a detergent substitute in the drugstore costs around £ 1 a pound.

Mostly, vinegar essence and baking soda are present in every kitchen cupboard. Even lemons for streak-free shine are inexpensive to buy. Likewise, normal cooking salt should not be underestimated - moistened on a sponge, it replaces any scouring agent.

What a Baking Ingredient Can Do

Cookers and ovens automatically become soiled by daily use and require regular cleaning. Who uses baking soda only to bake a cake, does not know the possibilities of the baking agent. When dissolved in warm water, it removes encrustations, grease on cooking plates and, when boiled, dissolves burnt out of pots.

The use of baking soda in the oven and on baking trays is very effective: mix only one baking powder sachet with three tablespoons of mineral water and spread with the baking brush in the oven and on the trays. After a reaction time of 30 minutes, the mixture, including the crust, can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Stubborn dirt, which accumulates in the joints of the tile mirror over time, cleans the raising agent very easily. Simply sprinkle the powder on a damp cloth or cleaning sponge and wipe off the joints. Even with the grease film on kitchen cabinets or stains on walls, the baking ingredient is not a big problem.

To remove stains on wallpaper, make a paste from a sachet of water. This should be painted on the affected area and scored with a spatula after drying. The stain has already disappeared.

The stain treatment also works with yellowed curtains or stained laundry.

The all-purpose weapons lemon and vinegar essence from the kitchen cupboard

Vinegar has always been a versatile cleaning agent for impurities of all kinds nothing changed until today. Only the dosage matters.

Acetic acid diluted in mop water is a true miracle cure on all smooth surfaces. This way, windows, mirrors, glass tables and tiles are cleaned without streaks. Poured on a rag and wrapped around calcified faucets, it dissolves the deposits. Thereafter, the lime can be simply rinsed off and the fittings shine in their old splendor.

Acetic acid is ideal for bathtubs, showers and toilets. It can remove dirt and urine stains and powerfully loosen rust on the aluminum parts. In addition, it has a disinfectant effect against germs and bacteria.

Caution is advised only with silicone joints and sensitive surfaces such as natural stone. Here the cleaning agent is to be applied very diluted, since the acid dissolves lime and the gum.

If you do not want to constantly have the smell of vinegar in your nose, you can fall back on the power of the lemon. Not for nothing it is an additive in many cleaning products. Unlike the pungent smell of vinegar cleansers, lemon juice has a pleasant scent of freshness and cleanliness. Yet she possesses the same abilities as vinegar essence.

Lemon water also decalcifies kettles and coffee machines and makes stainless steel sparkling. Who gives a few sips of juice in the washing machine, can save expensive fabric softener. Even in the dishwasher, the fruit juice unfolds its effect, completely replacing the rinse aid.

Grandma's Stain Tricks from Ancient Times

Carpets have a lot to bear and lose their fresh color over time. If the housewife does not want to work with chemistry, she can try the old home remedy sauerkraut. Before that, she must thoroughly squeeze the raw herb and rub the carpet with it. After cleaning, the carpet is stain-free and the colors are refreshed.

Hot water and a clean microfibre cloth are often enough to remove soiling on clothing and other textiles. Because most stains are water-soluble.

In stubborn cases, a mixture of a few splashes of ammonia and freshly squeezed cucumber juice helps. A good overview provides the patch primer, in which countless household tips can be found.

If the grandmother admonishes: "We used to clean differently", it is advisable to listen carefully. Most of the time, the simplest tricks and tricks are to cleanse the household without the chemical leg. Many well-tried home remedies have a good cleaning power and are cheaper than chemical products.

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