Christmas lights: LED or light bulb as a light string?

Christmas lights: LED or light bulb as a light string?

The Christmas season is accompanied by LED fairy lights and indoor and outdoor light tubes. But does the LED technology have any disadvantages?

Christmas is the time of light jewelery. LED fairy lights often adorn the interior and exterior and conjure a Christmas mood. But what are the benefits of LED to Christmas lights with conventional E14 or E27 bulbs?

LED benefits in Christmas lights

LED lighting is energy efficient and flexible. The filigree cables of LED lights, in the form of fairy lights, enable Christmas lights everywhere, even on the edge of a Christmas table.

LED lights require only a tenth of the energy of a conventional light bulb. If outdoor and garden lighting is in operation all evening, it pays off. Also, the lifetime of LED lighting is higher. Up to 10,000 hours are possible.

Christmas lights with E14 or E27 lampholders are often designed for indoor use only, with the exception of Christmas markets or star-studded cities over the streets today. The bulbs are just too big.

LED lighting is available in addition to the normal technology, as a battery and solar operation, which would not be possible with a normal light bulb. A remote control of the light color and long light tubes, provide many decorative possibilities, especially in the outdoor area.

What speaks for a conventional light bulb?

Often, the energy consumption decorative lighting does not necessarily have to be expelled. In addition, not every warm white that is measured in Kelvin is the same, there are big differences with high bandwidth.

Color rendering is therefore often problematic with LEDs. Especially cheap LED fairy lights have bad light colors with rather cool white light and bad processing. The bulbs can not be exchanged, so that the entire lighting must be replaced when a lamp is no longer working.

Who dreams of nostalgic warm light colors, should fall back on the old technology of the light bulb. The manufacturers of LED lighting technology are catching up year by year.

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