Christmas Lighting for Inside and Outside

Christmas Lighting for Inside and Outside

Christmas is coming up and, just in time for Advent, everything is festively decorated. Of course this also includes lighting for Christmas.

Whether in your own four walls or in the garden, there are various ways to decorate for Christmas.

Interior lighting

Would you like to decorate the Christmas tree with a fairy lights or windows Decorating Christmas pyramids, on the one hand, you can access products with light bulbs or use LED products. LED products are more energy efficient compared to normal fairy lights, have a longer life and are ahead of the standard bulbs in terms of color and brightness intensity. In any case, a TÜV inspection and correct handling must be observed to prevent fires and other damage.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is also recommended for use with LED products, as it offers a higher safety standard than incandescent bulbs have and work well even at low temperatures. In any case, just as with the interior lighting, you should pay attention to the TÜV test and use only products that are intended for outdoor use. In addition, you should strictly follow the instructions for use and take care to secure connections and cables so that they can not be damaged by rain, snow or frost.

Since incorrectly installed products can cause fires and other damage, it is advisable To call in a specialist who informs about dangers and the correct handling of different products. Especially with complex and large outdoor lighting, a professional installation is recommended.

If you pay attention to the product information and the instructions for use, nothing stands in the way of a nice Christmas.

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