Chimney care in simple steps

Chimney care in simple steps

At the end of the heating season, chimney care is announced. It makes the stove fit for the next cold season and handsome for the summer.

Carrying out a thorough chimney maintenance at the end of the heating season in spring is not recommended for visual reasons alone. A log fire is also pleasant in the transitional period and on cold evenings in summer. Good if the chimney is ready for use.

Do not worry: the short burning time does not require another general cleaning.

1. The chimney care

starts with the cleaning of the window. Regular cleaning is required so that soot residues on the window do not burn in. To remove white soot from the chimney, it is sufficient to rub over the glass with a damp newspaper; Afterwards, wipe with a clean paper ball.

A tip: If the bark of the logs - the moister side - lies towards the window, it will get more dirty.

2. Cleaning the combustion chamber and baffle

Clean the combustion chamber and baffle with a root brush. Preliminary spraying with water binds the dust. The addition of soda (60 percent) improves the cleaning effect. During cleaning, a visual inspection for damages such as cracks in the flint stones takes place at the same time.

3. Disposing of ashes

Moistening the ash minimizes the formation of dust when emptying the collecting container and turning the stove out.

Larger amounts of ash are used for the vacuum cleaner - with an upstream ash filter or a special ash vacuum cleaner. This costs about thirty-five euros. Cold ash can be used for household waste or as fertilizer.

4. Grease moving parts

All moving parts of the fireplace, such as hinges and closers, are to be brushed off during the annual chimney maintenance and greased with a special grease from the chimney trade. Check the seat of the screws and tighten if necessary.

5. Clean the stovepipe

In the stovepipe and in the chimney pipe so-called gloss soot forms. It can ignite and lead to a chimney fire.

The chimney sweep has to check a fire-place once a year - that's what the legislature says. On this occasion it makes sense to let him, as a specialist, to clean these safety-relevant parts.

6. The right wood reduces pollution

Chimney care starts with choosing the right wood. As a fuel for stoves only well-seasoned hardwood (oak, birch and others with high calorific value) below twenty percent residual moisture is suitable and special moisture meters are available from ten euros.

softwood provides because of the resin when cheering fast for a good ember bed, produced but as firewood too much dirt. Paper is unsuitable for lighting.

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