Children Can Be Safe in the Smart Home

Children Can Be Safe in the Smart Home

Children at home alone and feeling uneasy when completely unobserved? Smart Home makes you feel good with intelligent technology.

It's not always possible to reconcile everything. How practical would it be to have an invisible helper at hand to look at the children when they spend a few hours alone?

Unlike adults, children do not recognize dangers until it's too late is. The play instinct and the curiosity in search of new discoveries can sometimes end with a finger in the socket. With the smart home technology, parents can check whether everything is going well at home. While they are on the way. An intelligent home ensures more safety for the whole family.

Security with Camera and Motion Sensors

The Smart Home Base makes it easy to connect motion detectors and cameras with sensors, keeping the kids in the picture. A camera on the balcony and in the garden notices when a door is opened and, if desired, sends a message to the mobile.

Brightness is also possible at every turn. An intelligent lighting control with motion detectors on the stairs and in the hallway can ensure that the lights are always on at night when looking for the way to the toilet or the parents' bedroom. The motion detectors recognize when the detection area is entered, and automatically turn on and off automatically when no movement is perceived. Thus, anxious children get more security at night and become more independent

Protection against fire and misdirected electrical system

Even smart electrical installations such as a residual current circuit breaker, which is also integrated into the smart home app and smoke detectors, which are obligatory anyway, protect against situations that can become fierce.

The circuit breaker automatically cuts the circuit and thus protects against contact voltages. Also, a sensor can be integrated into the stove that will sound the alarm as soon as the stove is switched on.

Give more responsibility to children and always see what's going on

Smart Home is particularly well suited to giving children step by step more responsibility wants to give. With a few smart tools, it's also possible to catch what's going on at home while on the move. The app can be set to warn in critical situations. The camera is so good that it delivers a good picture and sound.

No matter which safety technology is retrofitted, everything can be easily retrofitted by an electrician nearby.

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