Parental control in the garden - this is how the pond is safe

Parental control in the garden - this is how the pond is safe

A pond in the garden is appealing and fascinating to children. But there are dangers lurking there. It is all the more important to think of parental control.

Ponds - the misjudged danger in the garden

Children like to walk in the garden in summer. They play football, hiding or just playing around happily. If there is an unsecured garden pond on the property, this can be a danger to the children. Just when they want to see a frog or the fish up close, they go on a discovery tour.

Again and again there are sad accidents in which infants drown in the parental pond. Especially the age group of one to four year olds is at risk. On the one hand she magically attracts the water, on the other hand she can not assess the dangers. Only a few centimeters of water are enough to kill a child.

Toddlers drown quietly and sink quickly without reappearing. When infants lie face down in the water, they do not defend themselves, unlike adults. Even if they are lying on their backs, they do not resist the danger. That is, the little ones do not row with their arms to hold themselves to the surface. In these cases, doctors speak of "dry drowning," because children have a natural protective reflex. Hereby, the glottis closes in the throat as soon as water flows into the lungs. This makes breathing impossible so that a child practically suffocates in the water.

The Reason: A child's head is heavier than the body, so children lack the strength to free themselves. By the way, a child loses balance more quickly if it bends forward at the edge of the pond. One more reason to provide the local biotope with a child safety device. For this the pond owner has several possibilities.

A fencing for protection

The best way to protect a garden biotope is for example a fence made of close-meshed wire mesh. Depending on the size of the pond, the work is done in one day and also inexpensive. Already finished wire mesh fences with the necessary accessories are available from 15 euros per meter. Although this type of backup is effective, but does not look very nice.

More attractive are fences made of double bar grille, which can also be set up quickly. Also for this type of fence there are ready-made solutions, which can be delivered to the pond owner including accessories at home. For this fencing, 25 euros are to be planned for the current meter. But individual elements plus fence posts and mounting materials are much more expensive.

A mobile pick-up fence, which is available in different versions, looks considerably more attractive than the wire variants. This pond fence can be easily assembled with a few simple steps within a short time. Its individual elements can be hammered into the ground with a hammer, where the attached ground spike ensures a secure anchoring. However, this measure is expensive - an element of 30 centimeters in width costs upwards of 30 euros.

To prevent infants from reaching the water, any type of fencing must be at least one meter high. Furthermore, it is important to buy fences with cross braces, where a climb is impossible. Likewise, a fence of which no child can force its way through is to be chosen. The pond-owner should think of the enclosure by a small gate or door. Of course, this must be secured with a lock or lockable. So the garden owner can easily approach the pond for pond maintenance.

Child Protection for the Pond - Alternatives

As an alternative to the not very cheap fences, there are iron braids placed over the pond. For this purpose, sturdy rods are to be laid transversely two centimeters below the surface of the water and installed on top of a structural steel mat. This is stable and can be obtained in any local hardware store from about 15 euros. Profiles made of steel are suitable for the substructure, and are available for a price of eight euros or more.

If the mats, steel profile and anchoring are galvanized, they will not rust in the water. During the uncomplicated installation, care must be taken to bend the individual bars so that no one injures themselves. When mounting, a second hand can be helpful. Although the mats give way when a child falls on them, it only gets wet and can not sink.

If you do not like the look of the grids in the garden, you should say: in a few weeks, nothing will be seen as the pond plants grow through the openings. However, the mesh prevents optimal pond care. So there are difficulties to remove dead fish or dead leaves.

Measures of pond safety at a glance

What many pond owners do not know: Without parental controls they make themselves liable to prosecution. If someone falls into the unsecured biotope, the garden owner must be liable. This also applies to persons who are guests in the garden or are staying there without authorization. Therefore, the top priority is a corresponding backup of the garden pond.

Child protection options


Costs Chain link fence A bit labor-intensive, but cheap
from 15 Euro per meter together Accessories Double Rod Fence Depending on pond size cost-intensive, but quickly set up
25 Euro per meter Fence expensive, easy to set up
per item from 30 Euro Mild Steel Mesh not costly, best set up with aid, reasonably priced
from 15 euros per mat steel profiles from eight euros The methods of parental control of the garden pond are manifold. Nevertheless, parents should remember that there is no one hundred percent safety in small children. Therefore, it is better never to leave them unattended in the garden. Creating a garden pond: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in our price radar around the theme of garden pond.

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