Bedroom Checklist - Convenience without Restrictions

Bedroom Checklist - Convenience without Restrictions

When thinking about customizing a previous one There are a few things to keep in mind when booking a "only" bedroom in a living room.

Make the sleeping area barrier-free and comfortable

  1. Movement areas
    Along the bed entry side you have to plan 120 cm depth (150 cm for wheelchair users). The rest of the space in front of beds and in front of wardrobes and chests of drawers must be at least 90 cm deep (better 120 cm, 150 cm for wheelchair users).
  2. Bed and lying areas
    Comfortable lying down and sitting on the bed requires an ideal height of the bed. Many people, no matter their age, complain of back problems and have trouble getting up from the edge of the bed. A bed of appropriate height relieves the back when standing up and offers additional comfort. Beds with height adjustment are therefore ideal.
    Depending on individual needs, a stand-up aid is recommended. In addition, there are complete "Aufstehbetten", which also allow a comfortable sitting in bed. In case of care, a safety gate is also possible.
  3. Accessibility
    A light switch that can be reached from the bed in the dark is one of the basic features in the bedroom. Additional shelves provide space for telephone, food and drinks.
  4. Wardrobe
    Wardrobes can be easily equipped and retrofitted with a fold-out clothes rail. There are also walk-in wardrobes with easily accessible storage compartments.
    In any case, a good interior lighting of the wardrobe is recommended. Wide sliding doors are easy to operate, with their wide cupboard openings offer the best overview and are therefore preferable to conventional cabinet doors.
  5. Lighting
    Sufficient and glare-free lighting is particularly important in a barrier-free bedroom. In addition to a reading lamp, basic lighting is just as important as emergency lighting, which also provides orientation in the darkened room.
    Light switches must be within the reach of the bed. An emergency switch should be provided as standard equipment.
  6. Climate
    Customized heat demand must be guaranteed on all days of the year. This also includes good ventilation and adequate humidity.

Checklist Sleeping area:

  • Sufficient movement areas
  • Ideal height at the edge of the bed for easy standing
  • Erecting aid and, if necessary, security grille
  • Shelf for telephone and other
  • Wardrobe, clear with sliding doors and / or telescopic clothes rail
  • optimal lighting
  • year-round optimization of temperature and climate

The information in this guide "Checklist bedrooms - comfort without restrictions" comes from "LoB Germany - Life without Barriers ".

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