Chain or individually towing boxes - which is better?

Chain or individually towing boxes - which is better?

The move is pending and with it the question arises as to how it will be struck fastest. In a chain or as a lone fighter?

In short, the more things you need to move on the move, the more effective a chain is. The explanation is simple. Single girders are effective in that they can haul boxes, plants or boards into the home without interruption and thus little loss of time. Chains, however, lose time in handing over the goods to be moved. But, the longer a move goes, the more the chain will catch up.

The chain is faster and spares forces

It is obvious: With the duration of the move, the forces of all concerned disappear. But chains have the advantage that they always bring short breaks - namely immediately when the goods to be moved to the next. So the helpers stay fresh and motivated for longer. Psychologically, it is also more pleasant to travel short distances than to lift a box from the moving truck to the fifth floor.

And another advantage of the chain: Individual helpers do not hinder each other. This is often the case when different characters meet: women, children, muscle packages - everyone has their own pace. The result: You literally stand on your toes, and that takes time.

In the vast majority of cases, a chain makes more sense to bring the move as quickly and easily as possible over the stage. It's just like in real life: Teamwork pays off.

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