Carport: More than just a hostel

Carport: More than just a hostel

Resourceful homeowners know how to use the carport in many ways. Those who want to implement the ideas, but must take into account building regulations.

General for use of the carport

Single carport and double carport and garages are buildings that need not be approved in connection with a specific use, the subordination of vehicles. However, the building is to be reported to the building authority.

The buildings are generally located outside the boundaries of the property and are subject to particularly strict regulations. These vary according to state and municipality.

In most federal states, the length may not exceed nine meters and the height may not exceed three meters. Even the use is mandatory. The structure must serve the purpose of parking a vehicle. Homeowners who also want to use the carport for other purposes must in principle obtain a permit for it.

The above measurements are generally not valid if the carport is completely within the construction limit of the property. But even here the approval of the authorities is necessary.

The construction of a small storage room, the temporary use as a party room or as a covered terrace, is usually no problem. As long as the building is predominantly parking space for the car, this poses no problem. Greening the roof is also usually possible without major problems. The construction of terraces, balconies and even photovoltaic systems must always be approved in advance.

This is important in green roofs

Most carports are almost three meters high. Greening increases the overall height, so it is not always allowed. But without railings, a green area can be set up on many carports, which does not allow the building to grow above the permitted height.

Before laying, homeowners naturally have to take care of the statics. The metal stands or construction timbers are designed for a specific load. Usual lightweight corrugated iron or plastic roofs weigh much less than a green roof. Under certain circumstances, it is sufficient to strengthen the construction with struts or glue wood.

Green roofs improve the microclimate in the house and reduce CO 2 globally. They are also visually appealing. Most grow on the roofs wild plants that require no care. The roofs are only partially accessible and can not be used as a terrace.

Roof garden or terrace over the car parking area

The height and the lack of stability of the carport are the biggest obstacles if an existing carport is to be used as a terrace for border construction. Depending on the applicable building regulations, the railing must have a height of 80 to 90 centimeters. Even with a low carport that is only 2.70 meters high, a railing is not possible without exceeding the allowable height of three meters.

Even a new building is hardly possible near the property boundary. The roof together with the floor has a thickness of 80 to 100 centimeters, with railings are expected to be at least 160 centimeters. This leaves only a slight height of at most 140 centimeters. This is not enough for a car parking space. Without permission, the construction of a terrace is not possible because of the height alone.

If you want to use the roof as a seat, you must comply with the regulations for the construction of terraces or balconies. Most building authorities make a permit dependent on whether the neighbor agrees. Especially in the case of a shared double carport, it makes sense to build a terrace for common use.

Unless trees, shrubs or boundary walls obstruct the view from the new terrace to the neighbors, their approval is often not necessary. The authorities usually decide on a visit and take into account the exact conditions before agreeing to build a terrace.

If the building legal hurdles are taken, nothing stands in the way of construction. Actually, a terrace is built in a pedestal, under which a car can also be parked.

Electricity from the roof - the clever solution

Permits are also required for the construction of a photovoltaic system. Many manufacturers of carports have models in the program whose roof contains a photovoltaic system. The electricity is provided for the lighting of the garden and the charging of a solar car. Complicated electronics, such as inverters, are therefore not absolutely necessary.

Even shelters with a hipped or pitched roof can be equipped with a solar or photovoltaic system. Only on a roof with asbestos-containing covering the establishment of the plants is forbidden.

Help from a professional is absolutely recommendable. The rules for the permits are quite complicated. On the other hand, building is often supported by subsidies, provided that the landlord meets certain conditions. Due to the constantly changing legal situation, good advice makes sense.

The double use of carports is complicated, but worthwhile

The idea of ​​being able to use the roof of the car undercover simply for different purposes is not realistic. But the gain in additional free space or electricity for an electric car is worth the effort. Technically, there are no unsolvable problems, but legally it can be difficult.

Installing a photovoltaic system: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in the price radar around the topic of photovoltaic system.

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