Car Smart Parking: The Retractable Garage Overview

Car Smart Parking: The Retractable Garage Overview

Just let the car disappear in front of the house? This is possible with a retractable garage. What conditions and costs can be expected?

A garage in itself is a safe place to park your car. It is even safer when the garage is retractable. But not only for protection against thieves, offers a garage that disappears into the ground. If space is limited, a retractable garage can be the ideal solution. But what conditions must be met for that and is such a garage even affordable for private use?

Elegant solution for theft protection and against space problems

Retractable garages are often found in car parks or car dealerships because they solve the space problem of many cars elegant fashion. But retractable garages have also proven themselves in the private sector. Especially when it comes to expensive cars, this type of garage is used to make the precious piece invisible when parked and minimize the risk of theft.

Another reason for a retractable garage is the space. If a car can be sunk in the ground, it is possible to put another on the space above the garage and to park two cars in minimal space. This option is useful if the size of the plot is very limited.

Occasionally there are visual and aesthetic reasons for a retractable garage, for example, when a garage would not visually match the overall appearance of the property and the house and design options for retractable garages

A retractable garage has a hydraulic drive. At the push of a button, it disappears into the ground. When lowered, the roof of the garage forms a flat surface that can be used for another car or other.

A retractable garage not only has the advantage of being invisible, the surface can be designed as desired and fits in perfectly effortlessly into the overall picture of the property. Everything is possible, from turf to elaborate mosaic tiles, pavements, concrete or tiles. The garage is then recognizable only by a thin edge of metal.

Noteworthy and Cost of Underground Garages

There are, of course, some things to consider when building such a garage. Important is the protection against rainwater. A gully around the canopy surface prevents the ingress of moisture into the interior of the garage.

When building, you have to adjust to several weeks of construction site, the soil must be laboriously removed. All this costs around 40,000 to 50,000 euros for simple garage models. Thus, a retractable garage is much more expensive than a simple and high quality standard prefabricated garage.

But anyone who loves space problems, his expensive car or just the smart extravagance that such a garage offers is a real must have for them.

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