Candles - more than just light

Candles - more than just light

Candles are an outfit with tradition, for they already existed when the light bulb was still out of the question.

If the lamps made of wax used to have a purely practical use in the past, candles are now used, in particular, for decorative reasons. Candles are not only suitable for Christmas as an atmospheric decoration, but they also enjoy great popularity beyond the holidays.

Big selection

There are many different types of candles available in the trade, not only from the point of view of optics, but also also very different from each other due to their functionality. There are thick, thin, long, short, straight, curved and round candles in all sorts of colors, with different designs and designs.

Scented candles as a special "highlight"

A special feature among the light-giving accessories are the scented candles, made among others from the companies Penhaligon's, Parks London Nature's Own, True Grace or Floris. The wax of the scented candles is impregnated with a special aroma and exudes a very pleasant scent when burned off. In this regard, the fragrances vanilla, cinnamon, orange, rose, violet or lavender are very popular. Scented candles are ideal for putting us in a certain condition, for example making a romantic evening. But even without Dift there is nothing better than to turn off the light after a hard day and to light a few candles. The slight dim light contributes to the relaxation and conjures up a very special atmosphere in the living room. It does not necessarily have to be very large candles, usually just a few simple tealights are enough to reach the set goal.

The right one for every occasion

Furthermore there are candles in different shapes and colors. For example, the light sources are available in stone or flower form. Candles, which are used as a joke item, are often a hamburger, a donut, a sundae or other original item dar. Apple, orange and banana candles look good for biting and are often imitated the real fruit deceptively similar. At Easter, the egg-shaped Easter candles are very popular, which can be bought in many different bright colors and which are sometimes decorated with small applications. The candles decorating the children's birthday wreath are just as often decorated with little colorful lucky clover motifs, little flowers or little hearts. Sometimes the candles are also attached to a special birthday train. Also very popular are the candles made of beeswax, which give off a very pleasantly sweet scent, so that a candle in the burning state with its blindfolded eyes is usually recognized immediately.

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