Can you transport a dishwasher lying down?

Can you transport a dishwasher lying down?

Everyone knows: A refrigerator should be transported standing. But what about the dishwasher? Can you transport it lying?

If you have to move, household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers often have to move. Sometimes the moving car has little space, so some equipment and objects can be transported horizontally and not in a vertical position. But what about the dishwasher? Does it damage a lying transport?

The condition of the device is decisive

Whether a dishwasher may be transported horizontally depends on its condition and on the manufacturer. If it is a used dishwasher, a stagnant transport is the best method.

This often does not matter for a new device when it is still in its original packaging. But even here it is advisable to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions - it can happen that the wrong way to transport the warranty claim is lost.

Why a lying transport is not the optimal solution

In general, you should not use a used dishwasher transport lying. The reasons are residual water and dishwasher salt, which leak in a lying transport while permanently damaging the electronics of the device. In some instructions for use, there is an indication of how all water is removed from the dishwasher for transport. In some cases the removal of a sidewall is necessary so that this work can only be done by a specialist.

With new dishwashers the transport position does not matter. However, you should check the manufacturer's instructions, there are exceptions.

How to safely transport the dishwasher

Whenever possible, the dishwasher should be transported in a standing position. If the unit needs to be transported horizontally, then always with transport lock and after inspection of the instructions for use, whether this is possible without damage or warranty withdrawal. Important: When lying down, never place the dishwasher with the front on the ground, but instead always with the back. To do this, tip the dishwasher backwards and place it on the floor. Make sure that the hoses are well laid without kinking, then there is nothing standing in the way of the transport.

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