Calculating construction costs for a semi-detached house

Calculating construction costs for a semi-detached house

A semi-detached house is cheaper than a single-family house, but construction costs should not be underestimated. A solid calculation is important.

Savings potential in the construction of semi-detached houses

Overall, a semi-detached house is always cheaper than a one-family house of the same size. This is related both to the construction costs and to the size of the property. A semi-detached house can be built on a smaller plot than two individual houses, since there is no one-sided distance to a property boundary. In addition, the planning and construction will be cheaper.

The two semi-detached houses are usually built mirror-inverted. So no two separate plans are required. The cost of the architect is greater than that of planning a single-family home but lower than the cost of planning two houses.

The common wall between the houses means a considerable saving in building material and working time. Specifically: A soundproofed interior wall is being built instead of two outside walls, each of which requires sound and heat insulation.

There is a particularly great saving potential if the heating and hot water supply to the houses is combined. However, this limits the separate use of the houses. As a rule, these systems are only merged if the two halves of the house are not used by completely unfamiliar people.

Construction costs of the house halves

In general, there are various ways to build a semi-detached house. The construction costs depend strongly on the size, the chosen method and the type of equipment. The following is a semi-detached house with 140 square meters of usable space in medium equipment.

The house can be built by a developer and purchased turnkey. The construction costs are borne by the developer, who sells the house at a fixed price. As the cost of construction is included in the purchase price of this model, the costs for the notary and property tax increase. A house costs about 200,000 euros after deducting the cost of the land, ie 1430 euros per square meter. The price is quite cheap, as usually many semi-detached houses are created according to a plan.

Cheaper is a prefabricated house. By modular elements and individual semi-detached houses are possible. Overall, prefabricated houses have the advantage of extremely low costs for the architect, because you buy a home off the rack. Here is expected to cost about 180,000 euros. That corresponds to a price of 1,280 euros per square meter. The pure construction costs for a conventional semi-detached house are around 1,500 euros per square meter. As a development house, such a house costs about 110,000 euros.

By the way: Building a prefabricated house is almost as easy as buying it according to the developer model.

Comparing the costs

The construction costs of a conventional freestanding house with similar equipment amount to about 1,550 euros per square meter. At first glance, the construction of a semi-detached house is hardly worthwhile. Since a smaller plot is needed, the overall costs are reduced considerably. The houses are also more energy efficient, as they only have three outer walls.

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