Burglary Protection: How to Make the Home Secure

Burglary Protection: How to Make the Home Secure

Every two minutes, people break into Germany. Probably for those who have windows and doors that meet the latest security standards in their homes.

The right security technology offers protection against unpleasant intruders. For those who fail most invaders. If a thief does not come into the house within five minutes, he usually gives up. This is what the Kripostatistik says. So it makes sense to check the safety-related weak points on the house or apartment once.

Every second burglar rises through the patio door

The main focus here is on windows. Because: Every second burglar enters through the patio door. Additional latches can be easily retrofitted on the handle side as well as on the hinge side. The rule of thumb is: one break-out barrier per meter. Ideally, this is combined with radio detectors.

Because a tilted window is almost an invitation to crooks, inadvertence as an impetus in more than 15 percent of all burglaries over windows and glass doors. Wireless sensors report tilting, opening and closing.

Electronic door opener is considered the best protection

According to Kripo, the front door is no longer one of the preferred entry-level thieves, but it should not be easy to crack. Special security is provided by front doors with concealed door-catching devices that prevent them from belching.

With automatic locking doors, even locking is a thing of the past. The latter works better electronically anyway today: code cards, electronic keys and fingerprint readers are the best protection against burglars.

Good to know who's at the door

Door communication is now a high standard, closely followed by video surveillance of the entree , After all, it's just good to know who's out there. Behind it is more and more technology that makes life safer and more enjoyable.

It has long been integrated into smart home technology such as BUS systems, which may already control the alarm system, shutters, lights and heating. Even outside, burglars can be deterred - through fences, lighting, alarm systems or the proven watchdog.

  • Outdoor lighting: light deters. Here we recommend the combination of spotlights with automatic switch-on at each entrance - from house to terrace and garage to basement or back door (from 40 euros).
  • Garage door: A garage door that can be opened electrically via remote control is not only convenient , Due to the self-locking of the drives, it always remains firmly locked (drive from 150 euros). The safest are sectional doors.
  • Vehicles and bicycles: If cars, mopeds and bicycles are not properly disconnected or connected to the property, they also help the crook escape (bicycle lock from 20 euros).
  • Patio door: In almost half of all cases, thieves enter through French windows. Prevent burglar-resistant all-glass doors or retrofittable additional locks (from 30 euros).
  • Windows & basement windows: mushroom pin fittings, additional locks, tape backups and window bar locks make it difficult for the burglar to do his nasty job. Cost: about 200 to 300 euros per window.
  • Video Surveillance: Outdoor cameras (from 40 euros) - best with infrared lighting for night photography and sensor for motion detection - not only monitor. Many can be paired with the door intercom.
  • Motion detectors: Sudden lighting by motion detectors (from ten euros), which are connected to alarm systems, thwarted many a burglary. Your sensitivity should be adjustable.
  • Alarm: Alarmed by the alarm, most thieves break off their plans. Wireless solutions can be easily retrofitted and conveniently controlled via a hand-held transmitter (from 400 euros).
  • Door communication: See who is ringing - thanks to a video module in door communication (from 300 euros). And the counterpart no longer has to hang in the hallway, but where it is quickly accessible. It can even be mobile.
  • Front door: For about 1500 euros, there is a safe Entree to the current standard, for retrofitting you get out with half of the total. Optimal protection is afforded by electronic keys and fingerprint readers.
  • Shutters: As an additional safeguard for glass doors and windows, roller shutters are available (from 100 euros). They should be better mounted on the inside and can not be moved up manually.
  • Ladders, garbage cans & garden tables etc .: A careless ladder, patio furniture, garbage cans, trees growing close to the house or sturdy trellis are a great way for thieves to climb.

Retrofit presence simulation: what does it cost?

These and other questions we answer in the price radar on the topic of presence simulation.

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