Building your own garden toys - creative ideas

Building your own garden toys - creative ideas

The Slide - the classic among gardening tools

Children love to race with their playmates. Since it is done well, slipped and immediately hired back. There are gardening equipment forever, but they are usually seen only on public playgrounds. But there are already many variations that can be built in the garden. These models vary from cast in to freestanding and are available in any length and height.

Rocking - almost as old as humanity itself

With a swing you not only make the children happy but at the same time engage them meaningfully. The rocking movements promote coordination and sense of balance. These simple movements are easy to master even the smallest.

For the little ones there are special seats, so they do not fall out when swinging. For older children, for example, an old tire serves as a seat, which is attached to a branch with strong ropes.

Build a knight's castle of wood yourself

The drawbridge lowers and rattling through the garden. In front of the castle gate is a knight and demands admission. Can he solve the puzzles and conquer the damsel? Children love imaginative adventures and enjoy role-playing games.

There is a playhouse as a knight's castle just right. However, there is no play equipment in this form for the garden to buy. But in its own performance with chipboard and a little skill, it is easily set up itself.

A play tower in the local garden

Every child enjoys a play tower where it can really let off steam. Since it makes you dream of a life as a shipwrecked. And what does a real Robinson need? Of course, his own protection from natives. For a game tower would be a great project, which can be expanded at any time. And since a play tower is standing on stilts, you can still wonderfully install a sandbox under it.

A childhood dream - a seesaw with a merry-go-round

Children like to ride carousels. What could be more useful than to build a seesaw with an integrated carousel? For this, beam seesaws are suitable. Basically, a stone block that is solidly anchored in the ground is sufficient. In addition, a stable commercial pole support, two suitable seat pads and the corresponding mounting and rotating material. So that the lawn does not take any damage when rocking, it is recommended to cushion the attachment points with two car tires.

Secure Play Equipment in the Garden

Normally the lawn is sufficient as a suspension in minor accidents. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also insulate the floor with bark mulch. In addition, DIY stores have special fall protection plates for garden toys ready. If you are unsure, you should consult a specialist in advance and seek advice.

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