Wooden Exterior Staircases - Checklist

Wooden Exterior Staircases - Checklist

Wooden exterior stairs require special care to withstand the weather. As a kit, they are quick to install.

Build wooden exterior staircase

When building a wooden staircase in the entrance or garden, some criteria must be met to make it durable. The wood should be cared for regularly, otherwise the stairs look quickly greyish and unsightly. A few points must also be noted when building:

  • The staircase should be non-slip and secure.
  • An attached railing is particularly useful in winter.
  • Railing posts should be at a safe distance of twelve centimeters.
  • The staircase must be suitable for all weather conditions.
  • The possibility of a roof covering should be present, which offers an advantage in rainy weather.
  • Slightly inclined steps allow rainwater to run off. In winter, not much snow accumulates and the formation of black ice is thus avoided.
  • The outside staircase should fit in with the house and not look like a foreign body.

Stairs can be quickly built by yourself

For the outside area are spiral staircases or just stairs made of wood in conjunction with steel well suited. You can build yourself. For a self built wooden staircase, a detailed sketch should be made in advance. Using the sketch, which calculates all dimensions of the stairs, the pitch and the step height, cut the individual step plates accordingly. All step plates must be the same size and width. Uncomplicated is the construction of a staircase with the help of a complete kit including a construction manual. In this variant, the individual steps do not have to be trimmed and the staircase is built step by step according to the manufacturer's instructions:

  • Dig up the floor to a depth of 80 centimeters.
  • Make a foundation to give the stairs a stable foundation.
  • Use a shuttering on a large, heavy staircase.
  • Use siltstone to drain the rainwater well.
  • Build the set of stairs according to the manufacturer's installation instructions.
  • Align the steps straight.
  • Place the individual step plates on a layer of silt mortar.
  • Use a rubber hammer to beat firmly.

Wood is a natural material and looks classy

External stairs made of wood look noble and of high quality. If they are regularly treated with wood care products, they retain their shine.

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