Building an elevated terrace - Notes

Building an elevated terrace - Notes

If you want to build a raised terrace, you have to consider a lot in advance. Nevertheless, it has some advantages over ground-level variants.

A Patio on Stilts

Not all houses have a patio, which is why many homeowners sooner or later consider building one. It is to build a raised terrace, a popular choice to balance the level to the house. For example, if the base of the house is one meter or more higher than the garden, the same post will compensate for this difference. But who plans a so-called high terrace, must in any case ask the responsible building authority.

As a rule, from a height of fifty centimeters, a building permit is necessary because it is a self-supporting construction. Likewise, according to the building regulations, a staircase with handrail and a railing to grow all around. To calculate the costs, the walk to the next carpentry can bring clarity. However, the construction by a craft business is a considerable expense that can be handled by a skilled handyman.

To build a Ständer terrace itself, there are already finished kits that contain everything from the necessary material to the construction manual. Thus, the terrace construction is also feasible for a handyman untalented builder beyond the specialist firm. However, it is less expensive to get the materials in the hardware store with manual skills. These depend on the planned size and are to be determined beforehand.

Building a high terrace

For a wooden terrace stable squared timbers are necessary as a substructure. A raised terrace requires a stable foundation, into which later the support posts come at a distance of one meter. For this, a hole should be excavated, filled with sand for a level surface and gravel for the drainage. Afterwards, the square timbers with impact sleeves are to be inserted and poured out with concrete.

After the support posts have stopped, a slatted frame made of either wooden grids or planks must be laid. It is advisable to opt for high-quality woods such as Bangkirai or domestic thermowood. Both woods are durable and stable. Alternatively, the landlord uses WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), a wood-plastic mixture. Finally, the entire patio should be impregnated so that the wood can withstand all weathers.

However, the need to care for the material may be detrimental. Because woods need from time to time a coat of wood stain or oil. Some types of wood offered as floorboards, such as larch, fray or splinter, which in hindsight may prove to be an unsightly feature.

The increased free space and its costs

The investment required for a raised terrace depends first and foremost on the square meters from. Finally, of course, whether a specialist company carries out the work or whether the garden owner decides to build his own. Logically, a kit is the most expensive factor. Yes, depending on design and size, this is available from 10,000 euros - the expert calculates 200 euros per square meter.

The simplest executions in self-assembly are to be realized for under 5,000 euros. However, a stilt patio is a costly undertaking of two weeks, which also requires helping hands. In addition, a patio door is to be considered, if there is none, which in turn means extra effort. This change, too, requires an experienced craftsman, otherwise the expert must answer.

Nevertheless, the effort to build a living room outdoors is worthwhile. Because it is invested long term, as wooden terraces are weather and weather resistant. This means that the sun, rain and snow leave no damage, because the water can drain through the joints. In addition, the wood is ideally ventilated by the stand construction, which is essential for all types of wood.

Thus, to build a raised terrace is a great alternative to enjoy the summer outdoors. In addition, the builder can use the area underneath the raised seat to house the lawn mower and other garden tools.

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