Builders' Community: Enormous Savings Potential

Builders' Community: Enormous Savings Potential

Building together in a builders' community can save money and establish new friendships.

Sharing is in: People share cars or apartments. Even when building a house, it is possible to reduce the costs by a builders' community and to spread the responsibility over several shoulders. This is where parties come together to commission a construction. In many cases, they plan to divide it into plots to accommodate them separately.

Lower Costs, Stronger We-Feeling

Instead of eight builders each appointing an architect and numerous craftsmen for short missions, the Community a big order. In addition, building together is also a unique way of getting to know later neighbors or roommates. If such a building runs optimally, it can consolidate and strengthen the community.

As with any construction project, preparation is crucial. Before the first order is placed, the builders should be clear about which legal form is chosen. The society is civil law (GbR).

Other questions that need to be clarified are, for example:

  • What happens if one of the parties wants to get out of the project early?
  • What about
  • Should the builders' community continue or be dissolved after completion?
  • To what extent are individual arrangements with the architect possible and desirable?

Each party should know what they are getting into with such a project. It is therefore advisable to instruct an outsider to monitor compliance with contracts and construction. Otherwise, a hierarchy can easily emerge from the ranks of the builders. This can quickly create tension.

Building as a Community

A big plus is that the parties can do their part of the project the way they want. Then a builder, even in an apartment building, can individually determine the proportions of his living space. However, this should be agreed beforehand.

Joint building offers many opportunities to save money, to get to know its future neighbors and to realize their own structural goals. However, interpersonal relationships also play a major role in this model. Therefore a thorough preparation is necessary. Mutual respect and intuition in dealing with each other are necessary.

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