Bar counter build yourself - the best design elements

Bar counter build yourself - the best design elements

A bar counter can be built in the party cellar or in an open kitchen. The right ideas create an eye-catcher for the room.

Columns between the bar and the superstructure

Anyone who wants to build a bar counter himself has to work hard. However, he also has the opportunity to design the bar according to his ideas and to modify the construction manual if necessary. A beautiful design element for the counter are columns. These connect the counter with a superstructure and create structure. The superstructure is thus built directly over the counter. It may contain lamps or recessed lights.

Barstool and footrest at bar counter

Bar stools are an important part of the bar. You can either build it yourself or buy finished stools. The stools should fit stylistically to the bar counter and the cabinets - whether modern, old-fashioned or in the western style. The stools should invite you to sit down and be comfortable. A small backrest is very comfortable. To be able to sit here for a long time, a footrest is essential. If the stools themselves have easy-to-reach attachments, you do not have to worry about them. If this is not the case, you must install a footrest in the counter.

Tap for the bar

Especially with a cellar bar in the party cellar taps are very attractive. Taps give the impression of a professional bar in a public pub. Whoever celebrates more often in the cellar, is worth the purchase of taps.

The right lighting

Important for a cozy bar is the right lighting. This should be dim and warm. Three low-hanging lampshades sit well above the counter - unless there is a superstructure with recessed lights. The lampshades should attenuate the light and donate in warm orange or yellow tones. In addition, small floor lamps, candles and small oil lamps are suitable for the bar area behind the bar.

Build your own solid wood counter in Western style

If you really want to make an effort, you can build a bar counter in Western style yourself. You do not necessarily need swinging doors. The counter should be made of dark wood in relatively simple shapes. Behind them, the bottles can be placed on shelves. Above the shelves there is room for old photographs from the Western period. If the saloon style goes too far, you can build a retro bar with a jukebox and 50s furniture.

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