Building a side table yourself - Checklist

Building a side table yourself - Checklist

Building a side table yourself saves money and is fun. Tables made of sturdy wood are ideal because they are durable and easy to care for.

Planning to build a table

Before building a side table, accurate planning is important. He must fit visually to the existing facility and should have a similar material. An accurate schedule for making the new piece of furniture can be helpful:

  • Set the location for the new small coffee table.
  • Choose the type and shape of the table.
  • Get the material and tools at the hardware store.
  • Make a detailed sketch of the side table.
  • If necessary, have the wood cut directly by the hardware store or carpenter.

Choose the right material

Before going to the hardware store, make a list of the tools and materials needed to build the table. The following materials are required for a simple side table:

  • A glued wood panel to serve as the material for the table top and feet.
  • Some squared timbers, a set of countersunk screws, set wood drills, a cordless screwdriver and spacer blocks are used to screw together and align the
  • For drawing, a pencil, a folding rule and an eraser are required.
  • Sandpaper or a multi-sander may be used for sanding.
  • For the subsequent glaze there must be wood stain, brushes, cloths or cloth rags.

Building instructions are important

Trendy side tables have only three table legs. Disadvantage is that they are not resilient and can tip over quickly. To build a side table yourself, therefore, a model with four legs is better. Depending on the furnishings and existing coffee tables, teak, pine or spruce wood is suitable as it is stable. The previously created sketch serves as a construction manual and indicates how the table should look later and what material is necessary for this. To build a simple side table yourself, the following steps are necessary: ​​

  • Measure and saw off the feet.
  • Particularly stable are two U-shaped foot models.
  • When cutting, a carpenter or the hardware store can help.
  • Also cut cross connections and two panels.
  • Screw the two base frames to the cross connections. For this, attach holes and mount four 60 mm screws with a cordless screwdriver.
  • Measure these holes precisely so that the table does not wobble and look evenly.
  • Connect the base frame to the frame strips.
  • The holes should be centered so that they are not visible from the outside.
  • Use the ruler to adjust the bases so that they are the same height.
  • With Using a clamp and four other screws, attach short frame rails.
  • Install the table top at regular intervals with eight screws. Align them with spacer blocks.
  • Four reinforcing plates are used for stability.
  • When the table is finished, grind and paint the surface.

A side table is quickly built by yourself

Building a new side table is easy and done within a day. Stool and shelves can also be created to match this.

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