Building a Bicycle Shelter - Checklist

Building a Bicycle Shelter - Checklist

You can build a wooden bicycle shelter yourself as a hobby craftsman. For this you need a plan, the material and the tool.

Building a bicycle garage

In advance, the individual space requirement should be determined. In addition to the base area and the height is taken into account, so you can stand upright unhindered. Then a plan is made in which the required lengths of squared lumber and boards for the profile wood are entered. Alternatively, you buy a bicycle shelter as a prefabricated kit.

  • The underground for the shelter is being tested.
  • It should be level and secure - if necessary, paving slabs are laid.
  • The timbers are cut to the appropriate size with a foxtail.
  • The wood is then painted with a weather-protecting glaze, wood oil or paint.
  • The cut edges are also carefully treated so that no moisture penetrates the wood.

The basic structure for the bicycle shelter

  • The basic structure is assembled.
  • The posts and connectors are designed for the bottom part.
  • The slats are inserted into the connectors and aligned at right angles.
  • Wood screws are turned through the pre-drilled holes in the connectors.

Assemble the front and back

  • The front is built with slats and connectors.
  • A second hand is helpful - alternatively, clamps and support slats
  • The rear vertical slats are pushed into the floor connectors.
  • Two slats - connecting the front and back - are also inserted into the connectors.
  • Align all slats and bolt the construction.

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Cladding with exposed wood

  • The wooden slat construction is clad with boards.
  • These are given a protective coating in advance.
  • Wood systems with tongue and groove are the best - because the connector stabilizes the wall surface.
  • The boards are cut to the appropriate size above the basic construction.
  • Wooden boards are also inserted into one another for the roof cladding.
  • The cover should project slightly forward, because of the roof cover s provides better weather protection and looks better.
  • For added weather resistance, bitumen board can be applied to the roof.
  • The floor is designed with profiled boards.

Important for the construction of a bicycle garage is a solid surface as well a stable framework. In addition, the wood must be protected with appropriate means. The scaffolding for the bicycle shelter is designed with a slight slope to the rear, so that the rainwater can flow well.

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