Household Dissolution: When Granny Goes

Household Dissolution: When Granny Goes

A bereavement puts a strain on the relatives emotionally and financially. Anyone who has to liquidate a household need not do this alone.

Budget resolution - a final goodbye

Many people accumulate a lot of possessions during their lifetime. Leaving the earth, the survivors have the task of settling the legacies of grandma or grandfather. After all, a lot of formalities have to be done - contracts have to be canceled and the funeral has to be organized.

First contact can be the pastor and the funeral home. If the mourners want it, funeral companies take away a lot of paperwork anyway. For example, they take the walk to the registry office and notify the insurances and the pension fund about the demise of the family member.

Depending on the effort this costs up to 400 euros, for special requests, such as the car unsubscribe, incur additional costs.

Procedure at the household dissolution

With the bereavement in the family stands at the same time the housing dissolution. Sometimes it has to be quick, because the landlord wants to re-let or threatens for a home for weeks rental losses. This process is particularly difficult for many relatives, but morticians can help here as well. As a rule, they work together with professional specialist firms.

The specialist companies evaluate the household goods before they sell it at auctions. The proceeds go to all heirs. As a matter of principle, all children or other relatives may give the budget resolution order that provides a certificate of inheritance.

Prior to the action, it is helpful to set a schedule to keep track of renovations and bulky refuse collection. Likewise, it is advisable to get an overview of the belongings of the deceased beforehand. It is necessary to sort out everything that children and grandchildren want to keep as a reminder. If everything is stored in the clearing on the truck, it is too late. On request, the companies come by appointment in stages. First, they clear out the basement room or attic, the living rooms then at a later date.

A job for Entrümpelungsfirmen

Likewise, professional companies offer in the event of death the relatives of the entire household. In order to protect yourself from rogue providers, it is advisable to obtain several cost estimates. It would be beneficial to agree a lump sum. In total, the bill per room can amount to 500 euros.

In addition, a reputable company can provide a liability insurance, which is liable for any transport damage. It should also agree to a preview. Here, relatives decide together with the service provider what the Entrümpler should take with them and what not.

In addition, there are companies that sell the used items to junk dealers and deduct the proceeds from the bill.

or garage auctions, where everything comes directly in the apartment under the hammer. Despite low prices, the survivors usually have a few euros left over. Also belongs to the service of many auction houses, granny's former residence swept to leave. Only what has not been auctioned, the client must dispose of chargeable.

Make the budget resolution independently

In a manageable apartment may offer a house flea market to muck. From Granny's Seventies oak cabinet to the kitchen to chairs and washing machine, everything comes into other hands. Especially books, DVDs, old records or CDs quickly find buyers. Although the sales make no rich, but at least personal items do not end up in the garbage.

Likewise, furniture can be auctioned on the Internet to self-collectors or advertise in the daily newspaper. Especially flea market traders like to cover estate auctions for their stalls. Good shoes and clothes as well as old crockery and cutlery are still in great demand. If members have the time, they can try to sell the stuff himself at the flea market.

Who cleans itself, finds social department stores or closets Diakonie as buyers who sell Used favorable to people in need. In addition to clothes, kitchens and other furniture, refrigerators and cookers are used all the time. While the associations pick up individual items for free, complete resolutions of 50 to 150 euros are chargeable. But to give away things easier letting go with the knowledge that the needy rejoice

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