Garden Wall Brick - Checklist

Garden Wall Brick - Checklist

A garden wall requires a degree that prevents the ingress of rainwater. For this, bricks and other materials are suitable.

Garden Wall - Advantages of Clay Tiles

A wall without a suitable top-up is exposed to the weather. There is a risk of rainwater seeping into the garden wall and destroying it. To prevent this, either a wall cover or a masonry crown is required. Suitable covers are stone, metal or specially shaped bricks. There are several technical advantages to using clay bricks:

  • Rainfall on tiles causes low noise, but metal produces a booming sound.
  • Burnt clay gives the wall a Mediterranean touch.
  • The material matches walls made of different materials Material.
  • Bricks do not deform when exposed to heat and are dimensionally stable in wet conditions.
  • Clay is a natural product.
  • Burnt clay does not release any pollutants.
  • The material is resistant to UV radiation.
  • Bricks are frost-resistant.

Selection and use of bricks

For the discharge of rainwater, the curved bricks can be oriented with a slope across the wall or parallel to the wall direction. In the latter case, a fall of the crown is important. It should fall off to the side where water drains well. If the bricks are to lie across the wall, a double layer of termination stones is necessary. First, a row of bricks on the garden wall with the opening facing up. The transitions between the stones are covered with curved upwards bricks. To protect the wall, the cover must be wider than the wall. Material requirement planning:

  • Measure the length of the wall.
  • Determine the width of the wall.
  • Decide whether to lay in the longitudinal or transverse direction.
  • For longitudinal installation, select bricks that are wider than the wall.
  • The number of bricks is the length of the wall divided by the length of the bricks.
  • Is laid horizontally, selecting bricks that are longer than the width of the wall.
  • Raise the top of the wall on one side so that
  • Required quantity is 1.5 to 1.8 times the length of the wall divided by brick width.
  • Calculate cost: number of tiles times price per tile.

Mural crowns are functional and beautiful

A wall cover is necessary to prevent damage to the wall. It should also be used as a design element.

Friesenwall invest: what does it cost?

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