Book a cleaning lady online - a clean business?

Book a cleaning lady online - a clean business?

Not just a suitable craftsman can be found on the Internet. Cleaners can be booked online with just a few clicks.

Who does not know? After a hard day's work you have to shop, prepare dinner and spend time with children, friends or partner. If, on top of all, a whole household has to be chucked away, a lot of the precious weekend is often lost through cleaning or tidying up.

But the digital age has created new possibilities here, too. Whereas in the past the search for a good cleaner was mostly done by word-of-mouth, today this is done online, cheaply and directly from the workplace.

So it is also the case that cleaners in private households have become increasingly sociable, and including merging student Wg's after a party for help in eliminating chaos.

The Booking Process

By and large, the various online cleaning services work very similarly. The booking process starts with entering the postal code, as prices vary by region. For example, in Berlin you pay one to three euros less per hour than in Munich.

Afterwards, the number of hours is indicated and on what day and at what time the appointment should take place. For most plaster portals, cleaning can only be booked from approx. Two days in advance. For a certain fee, it is usually also possible to set an appointment for one day at the weekend.

Are there extra requests that are not included in the basic offer, such as cleaning the stove from the inside, kitchen cabinets

What does standard cleaning mean?

Even when booking a simple cleaning, at least according to the websites, it can be assumed that the apartment is flashing afterwards , In the living rooms and bedrooms, the cleaning of all surfaces and outside of cabinets and other furniture is promised. Even glass surfaces, mirrors and floors are supposed to shine like new.

If an online cleaner cleans a bathroom, there should be no hair left. The surfaces and outsides of the faucets, shower, sink and bathtub are cleaned and there should be no traces of dirt left on the floor and on the trash can.

As far as the kitchen is concerned, the rules of internet services are usually a little stricter than in the rest of the apartment. Here it is said, among other things, that the dishes in the basic package is not rinsed by hand, but only granted in the dishwasher. Even with the refrigerator, oven or the Geschirrablagen only the cleaning from the outside is considered. However, floors and fixtures are included in the basic cleaning.

The cost of cleaning

On average, a cleaning booked online costs around 15 euros per hour. The cleaning staff usually receives about ten euros for their work and the rest goes as a commission to the operator. In general, a one-time cleaning is always more expensive than directly completing a subscription.

The majority of vendors specify a minimum book time of two hours. The payment usually takes place online via the portal and is handled by various methods. By direct debit or credit card payment is possible at all companies. PayPal, Sofort├╝berweisung or cash offer only isolated portals. Cancellations can usually be made up to 24 hours in advance.

A matter of trust

For the most part, companies select their cleaning staff in a multi-stage application process. These include personal interviews in which their expertise is queried. Generally, the assessments, which can be individually assigned by the customer, provide a relatively reliable tool to get an authentic picture of the cleaning staff.

If damage occurs, it can be assumed that the portals are adequately insured and pay the costs incurred. Contacting the respective customer service promises quick advice and problem solving in all cases.

Ultimately, the satisfaction with the provider and the quality of the cleaning depends on the respective cleaning power and their commitment.

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