Black is back: the classic in matt and high gloss

Black is back: the classic in matt and high gloss

The color classic is back: Whether matt or glossy, black furnishings accentuate the look and fit perfectly with all other colors.

Living with classy black

Black is back! After the innocence of white dominated everyone's device for a long time, now her opponent black conquers the interiors next to the fashion world. This time comes the color classic of the 50s, 60s and 90s in glossy and matt therefore. But strictly speaking, black is not a color but is defined as the absence of any color.

Conventional decorators are more likely to advise against black, as it is often associated with grief and depression. For a while, dark furnishings were banished from many homes. Today, furniture designers have realized that many bright colors cause a sensory overload, under which every accent is lost. On the other hand, black does not look like a sensory stimulus and stands for elegance and individuality in its modern design.

Used as an eyecatcher, black high-gloss furniture adds up to staid rooms and is the visual highlight in the living room. An elegant, straightforward style creates lacquer-black furniture with combined color accents such as red, blue or violet. This is matched by stylish materials and accessories such as glass, steel and leather. Even classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair leave a different impression and give the room a new character.

Black gives a touch of clarity and nobility to all interior spaces and brings structure and depth into large spaces. On the other hand, a small room can look cramped and drab. Therefore, black home accessories and furniture are rather less suitable here. However, if you have the perfect spatial conditions, Schwarz is highly recommended.

Modern living ideas cleverly combined

Black home accessories and furniture make other decorative elements stand out. A classic combination is that of white and black, which can be put together to interesting arrangements and patterns. Even if black can work alone, decorative elements in silver or gold and bright colors are eye-catchers. Specially structured fabrics leave attractive and restrained effects at the same time.

Where once the gastronomic look of stainless steel dominated bright kitchens, black in particular is making a comeback in the kitchen trend. Here surfaces of blackened glass seamlessly merge. But in addition to dark ovens and refrigerators, colorful appliances are also finding their favor, from which adjoining dining rooms benefit. A black dining table with a colorful group of chairs, above dull black lights combine functionality with style.

Light gray to white floor coverings are particularly suitable for a matt black interior. The sofa set may be as black as the coffee table and the sideboard. But solid wood tables made of acacia or oak also give a harmonious picture. An opulent black chandelier suspended from the ceiling completes the overall picture and creates a playful, glamorous atmosphere.

Black furniture and colorful effects

Another furniture and living trend, which also comes from the fashion industry, is called Color Blocking. But this does not mean putting colored things in the room to make it colorful. This trend needs two to three contrasting colors, which can be combined with each other. If you have the courage to paint, you can put a yellow sofa with blue armchairs on a red carpet.

To bring peace to the design concept, the third or fourth color black can be used. Especially in this trend, this works particularly well, so that strong colors unfold their intensity. It is also understood with a family of colors such as red and orange or with contrasts of yellow and pink. It is important not to put on a complete colorful look and choose the rest of the colors more discreet. These support the colorful decor without stealing the show.

What sets the charm of the current style of living is the freedom to put materials and colors together according to your own taste. Natural materials, for example, do not look simple, but elegant and chic when they stand in front of shiny black living walls. Even antique chests of drawers with cool steel handles and plastic chairs or tables with metal legs turn into designer pieces.

For a stylish interior, there is no color more appropriate than black in large interiors. Black furniture represents class and elegance. If you value a fascinating and fascinating living ambience, you should opt for the black-is-back style.

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