Binding Flowers - Best List

Binding Flowers - Best List

Anyone who has beautiful flowers in the garden should not just put them in a vase, but bind them artistically. Some methods are also suitable for laymen.

The High Art of Tying

A florist-master binds the bouquet freely in her hand. She picks a flower for the center of the bouquet and lays the style of each following flower slightly obliquely over it as it turns the bouquet a bit further after each flower. In the "Mikado arrangement" all styles intersect in one plane. Here the connoisseurs tie raffia to the bouquet.

Wreaths and other forms

In order to bind wreaths, crosses or hearts, a basic form is always required. This is made of straw or moss. Good florists cut the stems of flowers to a little 20 centimeters. They lay the flowers on the basic shape and wrap thin wire around the styles and the shape. The procedure requires a lot of practice and skill.

Attaching flowers to basic shapes with staples

Those who do not have the practice or the skill to fasten the flowers to the basic shapes with wire, use needles or staples. Also in this method, the stems are cut to about 20 centimeters in length. But attachment to the basic form via needles or staples. This is much easier than a real tie. The finished wreath or flower heart is the difference of the manufacturing technology is not to be considered.

Stick instead of binding

This method is also used more and more often in floristry. The basic form is a plastic framework with a plug-in sponge that is able to bind water. Wreaths, hearts and even shapes for Biedermeier bouquets are available in stores. The flowers need only short styles and are simply plugged into the mass. The procedure is very simple and the flowers stay fresh longer. The method is ideal for table decorations or when jewelry is needed for a wedding carriage.

arranging flowers in a vase

Anyone who does floristry only as a hobby prefers to use a vase or a glass to tie up bouquets. In this method, the arrangement of the styles is secondary. The hobby florist puts the flowers in a vase and then sorts them. The bouquet is ready when he pleases the arranger. Now he ties tie wire just above the edge of the vase around it.

The trick with the cuff

The perfect and artistic arrangement of the stems and flowers succeeds in binding bouquets only experts. Finished cuffs made of paper or wicker are suitable for visually enhancing a bouquet that is not well bound. Even a loose bunch of flowers looks like a well-bound bouquet with these cuffs.

Tip: Pick up the cuffs of florist bouquets and use them later for your own creations.

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