Biedermeier - matching wall colors

Biedermeier - matching wall colors

Glue paint - ideal for authentic restorations

Glue paints are considered obsolete for DIY enthusiasts. Completely wrong, because the colors with glue as a binder are permeable, inexpensive, environmentally and health friendly. Those who remain true to the Biedermeier style choose this kind of painting. The result is opaque and luminous, yet with a subtle character.

Wallpapers with a small pattern

In contrast to the Baroque era, the Biedermeier relies on less sumptuous and simple interiors. Wallpapers or wall decorations with delicate floral or geometric patterns are typical of the Biedermeier style. A wallpaper with a small rose pattern in old rose and green fits perfectly with dark, simple cherry wood furniture.

Schweinfurter Green - fashion color of the Biedermeier

The original Schweinfurter green is no longer available in stores today. Wall paints with a phthalocynin dye produce the same effect - a fresh shade of green with a turquoise touch. This color suits all types of wood and gives the room a cool, invigorating freshness.

Tapestries with Stripes

Vertical striped wallpapers are characteristic for the Biedermeier period. Most of these were combined with small patterns. A modern look succeeds with vertically striped wallpaper, which draw on the typical wall colors of the Biedermeier: A white-green or white-altrosa-colored design lends itself here. Old Biedermeier furniture goes into a fresh and yet stylish combination.

Stylish wall design with pictures

It is not only the wall paint that is important for wall design in Biedermeier style. Stylishly scissors cuts are in black frames with round or oval cut-outs. Portraits, groups or landscape paintings are further decoration possibilities that give the room a sense of flair and personality.

Modern wall decoration with style ornaments

Wreaths, bows and scattered flowers are typical ornaments of the Biedermeier period. Modern interpreted, they find their way onto the wall with the aid of stamping technology. The primer is the typical hues of old rose and Frankfurt green.

Old rose - the classic Biedermeier wall paint

In Biedermeier, old rose became socially acceptable. In combination with the typical pieces of furniture from the era and colorful harmonizing upholstery fabric, the color fits in every room. The soft tone gives the room a warm, pleasant atmosphere.

Panoramic wallpapers as a window to nature

Panoramic wallpapers with motifs from nature were in demand in the Biedermeier period. Why not resort to it today? Stylishly, wallpapers in the painting style. A wallpaper with landscape or forest photography are the modern homage to the Biedermeier. Make sure that the furniture is not too conspicuous - otherwise the room will quickly become overloaded.

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