Looking for a bicycle at home: roofing protects against the weather

Looking for a bicycle at home: roofing protects against the weather

Wind and weather do not leave their mark on bicycles. A bicycle shelter protects your favorite vehicle and helps to save on repair costs.

If you do not have a cellar or garage and you do not want to store your bike in the apartment, you should think about buying a bicycle roofing. They can be used in a variety of ways and in all shapes and sizes.

Do I need a permit?

Before starting to build, everyone should find out if a special permit is needed. This is usually only needed if the bicycle roofing is attached to the existing house and influences its statics. The regulations for this vary from state to state. Details are regulated by the state building regulations. Check with the local building authorities.

Bicycle shelter made of wood or metal

Bicycle roofing is available online, in the hardware store or individually made. The basic construct is often the same: it can be attached to the house wall and therefore does not need a back wall. On the wall provide metal support made of steel for the necessary stability. Three posts then carry the roof, which is best mounted in an inclined position, so that the water can drain. For wooden variants, wood struts with angles are instead fastened to the wall. But then you need special care, on the one hand because of the weather, on the other hand against woodworms.

Only the best for the beloved two-wheeler

This basic construction can - almost arbitrarily - be extended. For do-it-yourself mufflers or those who want higher-quality bicycle roofs, carpenters, metal workers and Co. are ready for customization, which are then perfectly tailored to their own property. For example, by a weatherproof cladding on the long sides, a bicycle rack in the interior or by a door that is lockable and protects the wheels from theft. All sensible investments, because they prevent high costs for repairs or new acquisition and thus save time and trouble.

Building a bicycle shelter: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in the price radar around the topic of bicycle shelter

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