Better Caution than Forbearance

Better Caution than Forbearance

Summer is slowly coming to an end but the temperatures above 30 ° C are still in vivid memory.

In bright sunshine, some people longed for some shade. Richard O. had already planned his shady spot in June, using MyHammer to engage the professionals at the Niederrhein roller shutters who mounted his full cassette awning on the balcony above his terrace.

By the detailed description of Richard O. and the enclosed installation instructions and Sketches Timo Fehlemann and his colleagues were able to get an accurate picture and finally took over the job. The pros set eight holes and mounted the nearly 100-kilogram and 5.5-meter awning cassette above the terrace.

Richard O. then proudly sent us pictures of his new green-and-white striped awning and signed the e-mail as well Prompt with "satisfied customer."

We wonder how much happier Richard O. was a few weeks later when he could enjoy the hot summer with a cool drink in the shade under the awning.

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