Bed under a sloping roof - intelligent solutions

Bed under a sloping roof - intelligent solutions

In attic apartments, roof pitches are usually present. In order to make sensible use of the space, it is advisable to place the bed underneath.

Use space under sloping ceilings

In bedrooms with sloping walls, there are only a few areas with full headroom. It is often necessary to use this space for cabinets. The bed only fits under the roof. However, it should be noted that the slope must not be restrictive. At least at the head of a normal sized sleeper should be able to sit comfortably on the bed without bumping his head on the slope. After all, you sit in bed sometimes drowsy or he must beware of illness for a few days. Beds are not only used for sleeping.

In order to get the necessary headroom, the bed can be pushed under the slope with the foot end. If the bed is parallel to the slope in length, only help to keep distance to the knee stick. The vertical piece of wall below the slope is called this term. As a rule of thumb, the lower the knee skirt, the farther at least the head of the bed must be away from it.

Wise Laying the Bed

Of course, it makes no sense to place the bed just half a meter from the knee stick. The resulting gap is not only a waste of space, but also visually unattractive. Here, custom-tailored chests are to be installed, which provide storage space under the roof slope. The down-widening pieces of furniture, for example, take bed linen to change. The lid must be removable, a flap can not be opened. The entire piece of furniture visually closes the gap and is at the same time a bedside table.

Healthy sleep is only possible in the open air

When deciding on the best place to place a bed, it is not just the look and space that matters. The room must be sufficiently ventilated without subjecting the headboard of the bed to drafts. A window in the slope high above the bed rarely leads to drafts, but must often be darkened with a roller blind, because incident light disturbs the sleeper. Windows in the front walls of the room interfere less with light, as by possible drafts. Anyone who is unsure about the air currents in the room should test it with an incense stick before finally choosing the place for the bed. A stream of air that constantly passes by the area of ​​the head certainly leads to tension in the neck and headaches.

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Listen to the psyche

Guter Sleep has something to do with "feeling good". It is often small things that cause a discomfort. If you like to seal yourself off in bed, you will welcome a headliner made of fabric. Others are disturbed by the view of a wall above the bed. Here it helps to make the slope appealing. A green branch against a blue background makes the "menacing" wall disappear. The shepherd lies under a tree and looks into the blue sky.

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