Bedroom Bed and Furnishings - Tips

Bedroom Bed and Furnishings - Tips

The bedroom should not be overcrowded with furnishings. Bed, wardrobe and bedside cabinets are the basic pieces of furniture in the room.

Bed in a Thousand and One Form

Without a bed, a room is not a bedroom - all other facilities are optional. Beds come in different shapes. A boxspring bed or American bed is a sprung base for the mattress. It springs when moving.

The upholstered bed is a lightly padded box on which the mattress lies. With a bed frame and slatted frame it is quieter. Purists choose the Japanese sleeping form: the futon. The futon is a Japanese sleeping pad that is traditionally laid on tatami mats without a base.

One-room dwellings have a sofa bed that transforms into a sofa during the day.

Practical storage - bedside tables

There is room next to the bed Nightstand. If the bed is against the wall, only a bedside table can be accommodated. Bedside tables are practical shelves for lamps, alarm clocks, bedtime reading, cosmetics and more. Some bed frames have integrated shelves. If you want to make things vanish, choose a nightstand with lockable doors.

The wardrobe as a resting pole

Next to the bed, the closet is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom. He usually stands on the wall. There is a choice of individual cabinets and cabinet systems, which can be adapted to personal requirements. Shoe racks, sock drawers or many compartments can be installed. A mirror conveniently hides in a cupboard door.

Chest of Underwear and Accessories

Small items of clothing such as underwear or T-shirts can be found in a chest of drawers. Decorative stands at the foot of the bed or on a wall. Chests of drawers are available in different sizes and dimensions. If you do not need a clothes rail, you can do without the wardrobe and put your clothes in a big chest of drawers. For a wardrobe / commode combination, make sure you have matching furniture.


The decor in the bedroom ranges from puristic and simple to playful and romantic. The same applies to the decoration in the bedroom. With small lamps and candleholders you can conjure up romantic light. Wall decorations such as wall decals or a large picture add visual accents.

To ensure a peaceful night's sleep, the room should not be filled. A big picture is better than four small, the lamps should be well integrated and the decoration is: less is more.

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